This is the sample portfolio for postcards. For commissioning custom postcards, the price list is as follows:

Characters (Your own characters or fan art):

$35-45 per character (depending on complexity)

+$25 for shading/color variations

+$40 for full color

+$15 per hour of labor

Depending on complexity, labor on postcards average 4-6 hours but in cases of color can be up to 10 hours. I will give you a ballpark estimate of what kind of time table can be expected.

Fine Print:

  • I absolutely must know your budget first. I will work to accommodate your budget and a piece you’d be satisfied with.
  • I accept half up front, and half as well as the final labor tally on completion. I am willing to negotiate cost within reason and work out a payment plan.
  • I keep meticulous time sheets of my labor and are available for review on request. I make every effort to work quickly and efficiently.
  • I permit 3 minor revisions. I will not scrap everything and start over. If you are not satisfied, you will be refunded your down-payment minus the difference in labor.
  • I will not copy someone else’s concept or swag design. Understand that is unethical, and you as a creator should know better.
  • Image printing is your responsibility.
  • Unless it is a single print for your personal enjoyment, then we will negotiate printing and mailing to you.
  • In most cases, I will need to know at least a month’s notice of the type of commission you would like and when you need it by. Please give yourself enough lead time when ordering prints of your commission. If the printing takes 10 days to process and ship, tell me you need it 20 days early. The sooner you tell me the better.
  • If you are looking for a completely custom order such as poster prints, t-shirt designs, and branding, you must contact me as soon as possible so we can negotiate cost and a deadline.
  • I do not accept rush jobs. Because it’ll be shoddy work that will look poorly on me and you. But if you insist, you will be charged double.
  • You may use my images on giveaway swag. As long as you are giving them away.
  • My images are not for resale. This means if you plan to put them on mugs and then sell the mugs, we will need to negotiate image usage rights.
  • I will draw adult material. In case that’s your jam.
  • No Furries. Nothing against Furries. I just suck at them. Real animals are excluded from this.
  • I reserve the right to refuse a project if the material is far outside my squick range. But then again, one of my all-time favorite shows involves a hella sexy cannibal making tasty meals out of people. So, I guess we’re okay.
  • I also reserve the right to refuse a project if you’re a jerk. Don’t be that guy.

Send me a postcard, trading card, or bookmark or whatever I made for you! Tag me on Facebook! Tumblr! Instagram! Twitter! I love seeing the final product!

Get in touch!

Find me at Put “COMMISSION REQUEST” in the subject line!