Scale Tales #7 Flawless Victory!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please! Bring your attention to me! You are about to be bowled over by the wonders you are about to behold here! (Sorry. Can’t take credit for Saliva’s awesome slant rhyme lyrics in “Ladies and Gentlemen” SNSFW Music Video!) Tomorrow at 11am I will be on a jet plane off to ATL…

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Scale Tales #6 GayRomLit Bound!

And we’re back with the updates! Hello, everyone! I’m trying to pull this blog out of hiatus kicking and screaming and staying engaged. Doesn’t everyone feel when they stay engaged they stick with it? Let’s stick with it! And now let’s get to it! Gains and Losses I’ve been waffling a little bit, but I’m…

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I Am Not Myself These Days

Let’s be real, depression is no fucking joke. Depression doesn’t play. Depression doesn’t tease you that it’s going to be okay and then plunges you deeper into it. It just drags you deeper into it. It skips the teasing all together. It makes you feel worthless, like a waste of flesh, and like a waste…

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[PROGRESS] Scale Tales #5

Belated happy 4th to all of my American readers! The holiday was yesterday, full of BBQ, potato salad, adult beverages, and fireworks. Our neighbor seemed bound and determined to set our house on fire with roman candles. Thanks, dude. But let’s get to it with this edition of Scale Tales! Lex’s Losses Well lookie there!…

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[PROGRESS] Lex Shrinks Again!

It’s that time again! Progress photo time! To recap, I’ve included all the photos of my tracker to date. Apparently, the weight tracker booklet that Weight Watchers gives you is super top-secret. They never say what your weight is out loud. Just how much you’ve lost or gained. And then when they ask you in…

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You might want to sit down...

You might want to sit down…

What’s that you say? We just had a Scale Tales installment? Well, this is a particularly special one that needed an update!

You might want to sit down, or stand up and then sit down, how’s your heart doing? Feeling okay? Okay. Here we go!

Lex’s Losses? 15 Pounds Baybeeeeee!

As you know, I got on the scale last week, and gained 0.8 of a pound. Not bad. But not good. I knew it would all be okay in the end. I’m still struggling with remembering to track what I eat, but I think in hindsight, I’m actually getting a pretty good hang on what’s what. The only thing I struggle with is when I have something I haven’t had before and don’t know what’s in it.

So, I said to myself “If I can lose one pound at weigh-in, it’ll be a win.”

Whelp, wasn’t expecting to lose 4.2! When the leader told me, I thought she was talking to someone else. But then I noticed she was writing in my book. I was in a state of shock when I got another sticker. I was like “Are you sure that’s right? Are you sure you mean me?”

What does this mean? Little did I know at the time, I lost 5% of my body weight. No way! I can’t tell what was a bigger deal. No one knew at the time, hell, I didn’t know at the time! But I need to let my leader know next week because she will flip out.

Ladies at the meeting are now chatting me up more because they want to know my secrets and hope my good attitude will rub off. One lady hit her lifetime goal last month (that’s what they call it when you reach your goal weight) but now that she lost it all, she’s having issues with backsliding now that the program is technically “over” for her. My Weight Watchers Partner In Crime, Chris, who recently started are like the gruesome twosome of the group. The lady who hit lifetime said to us “I’m going to sit in your section because you guys are rocking the program and I hope it rubs off!”

What Has Lex Learned?

I think what I take away from all of this so far is even if I’m trying to get back into the rhythm for Bitter Little Pearl, just taking the step to start it again pretty much the moment I started back on the program helped me stay focused. Even if it feels like sometimes I think my tales are spreading out into the great wide ether, I know somewhere, someday, someone’s going to hear and understand that they’re not alone in any of this.

The biggest thing I learned, and this is going to sound weird, while people have the ability for compassion, it actually doesn’t come naturally. Being negative and closed off comes more naturally than being positive.We need to work on our metaphorical muscle of positivity.

My dear friend in my writing life Cate Ashwood is a superhero at compassion and empathy. She also works in healthcare, and lives for helping people without a motive that will benefit her. She’s an inspiration to me with her overflowing constant positivity, but she hits snags sometimes when the cold hard reality of some really tough situations darken her door.

In fiction, if the tough hero goes soft, he loses his edge to fight the bad guys. For Cate her softness is her edge, and if she toughens herself up, the only bad guy she can’t fight is herself.

Without all the crazy details, Cate’s had some hard knocks in her life, but she refuses to let it stop her in taking the next step. She may get a little unsteady sometimes, like we all do, but after a moment, she gets back on her feet. She has worked hard and fought hard for being positive.

Being positive is a struggle, but it is one worth winning.

So, join me and together we can take up our swords and shields in the fight to be positive, and do something positive for ourselves!

Till Next Time! Stay Happy, Healthy, And Slay The Dragons Of Negativity!