About The Author

In her professional life, Lex Chase is a journalist by day and a writer by night. In her personal life, her friends call her Megs and she’s what they politely call in the South “A Big Girl.”

She loves cupcakes and coffee, cats and comics and she knows all of those will rot her brain eventually.

Tipping the scales at 260 and some change, she learned she had gained back every pound she lost five years ago. Now she’s fighting the fight to whittle it back off. She’s one of those Weight Watchers members that has had an on again, off again affair with the program and is determined now to make it stick.

She’s been diagnosed with insulin resistance and a mere hop, skip, and jump away from pre-diabetes. Becoming a diabetic is Megs’ worst nightmare after seeing what her father went through. Her dad’s doing better now, but it took many years for him to get there.

About Bitter Little Pearl

Bitter Little Pearl is Megs’ tool of accountability. It was previously up and running last year, but her interest waned (as the scale stopped moving) and with her main domain hacked, the blog was wiped from existence. It was her mother’s recommendation Megs should piece it back together again.

It’s still under construction and a little half-baked, but no one is ever really ready to make a stand until one takes a stand.

This blog is a safe haven for all of us that have had more than one setback in life. Be it weight, mental illness, or disability. This is a place for all of us to realize we can be extraordinary if we just realize one thing…

We already are.


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