Scale Tales #7 Flawless Victory!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please! Bring your attention to me! You are about to be bowled over by the wonders you are about to behold here! (Sorry. Can’t take credit for Saliva’s awesome slant rhyme lyrics in “Ladies and Gentlemen” SNSFW Music Video!) Tomorrow at 11am I will be on a jet plane off to ATL for GayRomLit and the 11th Hour to make my goal was last Friday October 11th. Well. How did I do?

Lex’s Gains And Losses VICTORY!

Tracker 10/11/13Yes, dear readers! Look at that. Look at that! I did it! I made it! I was a big bundle of nerves getting on the scale. I was telling myself in my head “Now… Don’t be disappointed when she tells you you’ve gained. You technically met your goal. You’re good.”

I think I stopped breathing for a moment when she told me I lost two pounds and I pushed myself just over the mark!

I did it. I lost 30.4 pounds since May. And if we’re still keeping in mind when I weighed 260 in January, I’ve lost 35.6. I’ve lost just about 36 pounds. Since January. And I took my author photo on the cruise in January. Uh. Guess I need a new photo now. In a big way.

What Lex Learned

I can’t believe I did it. Well. I know I did it, it says so right there on my little report card. And I definitely know because all my clothes are too roomy now. I’ve learned quickly when I was losing I wanted to get clothes that showed I was losing. So I buy form-fitting tees, and boot-cut jeans that fit well in the thighs.

Somehow, my genetics have deemed me to have an hourglass figure. I am built nothing like my mother, or her mother, or my father, and my father was adopted. So no idea where I got it. But now I’ve learned, if ya got it, flaunt it! I actually get seriously self-conscious when my tees are loose in the waist. Or if my jeans are a little droopy at the rear. No one wants to walk around with droopy drawers!

Also, that point when you get to being too small to fit into the smallest size in a plus size store is liberating. When you can walk into any store and know there’s going to be something in your size. Maybe on the upper end of the sizes. But something will fit you. Like buying an XL jacket at Old Navy when my hoodie from last year is 2X. My hoodie is like a sack on me now. I have a few hoodies that are like sacks now.

I would say “Aw pshaw! I had it in the bag the whole time!

But I didn’t. And there were quite a few times I nearly fell back into my old routines. There were times I thought it was too hard. There were times I was just lazy. Depressed. Stressed. Frustrated. Worried. The list goes on.

There were times I thought if no one was going to do it with me, then I wouldn’t do it either. I had a thousand excuses to give up. Probably a million. Let this blog just vanish as soon as it came in and no one would know I quit.

But then something cool happened. Cool and unexpected. I tried on a Large-sized tee. And it fit. I started talking to my fellow writers who are also trying to lose weight, and we traded tips and encouragement. I told my peers about it that had no idea. They were just as excited. I went shopping for clothes for my trip, and weathered the frustration of trying to figure out what size I was in one brand, and what size I was in another. And discovering I was smaller sizes in both brands that I had previously been.

I was happy. More confident. More outgoing. More willing to make friends.

The most unusual surprise? A friend I made at the beginning of the semester commented I had really lost weight this past Monday. He’s a kid. 22. Total fratboy. All about the babes and booze. And for him to actually say something? That’s right out of one of those pages of Maury with “You Bullied Me In High School But Now I’M HOT!”

Now? Now with my flight to Atlanta 12 hours away? I’m ready to show ’em what I got!



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