Scale Tales #6 GayRomLit Bound!

And we’re back with the updates! Hello, everyone! I’m trying to pull this blog out of hiatus kicking and screaming and staying engaged. Doesn’t everyone feel when they stay engaged they stick with it? Let’s stick with it!

And now let’s get to it!

Tracker 10-4-13Gains and Losses

I’ve been waffling a little bit, but I’m now down 28.4 pounds! WOO! I gained some here, lost some there, gained a little here, but it is still totally possible to make my goal by GRL! It’ll be close, but holy crap I just have to lose 1.6 pounds and I made it. I can do it. I just have to believe I can. But you want to know the really freaking crazy part? Since my cruise in January where I weighed an even 260, I’ve lost 33.6 pounds!Β So, I’m actually at my goal, but when I joined Weight Watchers officially I was at 255. I want to make it official on my little report card. I’ve roared with determination about it. I’ll spare you from it in the text version.

All in all, I can go to GayRomLit knowing I made the goal. I’ve relaxed about it considerably knowing it’s all okay now. But dammit it’s the principle of the thing to get that 1.6 pounds to drop off.

Stress, Stress, and MORE STRESS

Between health issues with my extended family, the government shutdown, and the possibility for a hurricane, it’s taken a pretty big toll on my family. The shutdown put my Dad out of work for a week, and now that he’s back at work, there’s still a wonder if he’s going to get paid. I come from a family of comfort eaters, so whatever we could find to eat, we did.

The most adorable and endearing part of the experience was Dad went to McDonald’s for a burger and came back with a couple cheeseburgers instead of a more expensive Big Mac. A Big Mac by itself is 4 bucks. The cheeseburgers are a dollar and some change a piece. While it wasn’t a big deal, it was a big enough thought that we needed to pinch where ever possible.

We had a feast of Taco Bell one night. Because at Taco Bell everyone orders half the menu. I haven’t had Taco Bell in so long I forgot what was on the menu. I got a Mountain Dew slushie thing. I haven’t had Mountain Dew in probably a decade. First, it tasted like sugar-water. Second, I was hyped up on sugar for an hour, and then crashed so hard I took a nap for three hours. They’re not kidding about the sugar slam dunking you.

We’ve got extended family drama coming out our ears, and while there’s nothing we can do to change it, we just hope for the best. Just the shift in the dramatic story this time is so unbelievable and insane, it has all of us questioning what we knew. And in worrying over that, food, food, and more food was the answer.

Tropical Storm/Hurricane Karen on the other hand was so laughable because it never made landfall anyhow. But for a week, that was pretty stressful too.

Silver Linings In Everything

The good news, and there is, GayRomLit is on the horizon! I’ve been looking forward to this trip since February when I booked it. I’ve freaked out about it, thinking I couldn’t do it. And now to quote Zombieland “It’s time to nut up or shut up.” I’m feeling pretty good about it. I’ll just be thankful if I meet any fans at all. Meeting new readers will be exciting too.

Because it has all too quickly come to my attention NOTHING IN MY CLOSET FITS BECAUSE IT’S ALL TOO BIG Mom and I had to do some emergency clothes shopping. I picked out clothes once upon a time I’d just look dumb and silly in. I was quite shocked that they looked nice. I bought Jennifer Lopez jeans. Who am I? I don’t know me anymore.

I got the email yesterday that Cap and Gown ordering is today and tomorrow. Yes. Yes, dear readers, I’m graduating college. Technically. I still have two classes left, but I’ve been given the go ahead to participate in Commencement. I can’t believe this moment is finally mine. It still hasn’t sunk in yet. There will likely be lots of tears, and lots of screamingΒ victoriously, and maybe throwing myself on the floor.

Or strippers.

Hey… Strippers.

Make it rain! Yeah booooooooy!

Sorry. Ahem.

Till next week! Be excellent to each other!


4 thoughts on “Scale Tales #6 GayRomLit Bound!

  1. Congrats on soon graduating college! πŸ˜€ I’m freaking out about GRL too and dreading my own signing, which is ridiculous because how old am I anyway. Zombieland is perfect! Nut up or shut up. I’m shutting up now. Got the plane ticket, got the room, might as well go. :-/ But you are one of the people I’m most dying to meet, so you better be there too!

    • Lex

      Damn right Tali! πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to meet you too so we can be all nerdy and you can tell me all the spoilers for the Thick as Thieves sequel. ;D I’m nervous over the signing too, I think we all are really. I remember hearing at Dragon*Con in a panel that even when you’re a writer and nervous about meeting fans, they’re actually petrified of meeting you! Even if we don’t feel any different, we’re actually a kind of celebrity. So fans put us on that pedestal even if we’re totally just as dorky as everyone else.

      Also you better save me one of your soaps. I need one like burning. I might steal one for my Mom too. LOL She’s staying with me, but she’s not attending GRL, she’s going to be off taking over Ikea. Without me. That turkey. 😐

      • I should meet your mom because I’m her age. Fact. πŸ™‚ But I’ve been nerdy so long people think I invented it, even my kids, who also think I invented paper. I’ll set aside a couple of unicorn horn hand soaps just for you. πŸ™‚ They’re going to fly out of the swag room because everyone knows hotels are breeding grounds for germs and will want to wash their hands. I hope they don’t do anything else with them.

        And I want a set of your buttons. They look amazing! The whole set. And Chris’s too. πŸ™‚ I collect.

        • Lex

          Bwhahahaha. Man I’m such a baby. I’m an adult! I swear! Honest! πŸ™ My Mom’s reputation precedes her. She thinks she’s no one special, but she’s one of those people that leaves an impression. She even looks like me. We have the same laugh. And people think we’re sisters all the time. LOL

          As for the germs OH MAN you have no idea! I got the swine flu one year at Anime Weekend Atlanta and I drove solo up there and back. I got to Montgomery, Alabama (the halfway point from Pensacola and ATL) and I COUGHED. But it was one of those coughs that you knew something wasn’t right. By the time I pulled in my diveway a little over two hours later, I was MISERABLE.

          Ever since then I’ve been horribly germphobic. I didn’t shake any hands, hugs, or NOTHING at Dragon*Con last year and escaped unscathed. So I TOTALLY have hand sanitizers in my swag too. ;D All scents appropriate to PTR. Including a coconut based scent. For reasons. ;D LOL

          I will totally reserve you a set of buttons! I should pull them right now so I don’t forget! D:

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