Back In The Saddle Again! Lex Is Shrinking!

Woof! After my depression fueled rant (was it a rant? I suppose it was!) I hit what I called The Rage Phase where I got off my ass and did something!

Enter The New And Exciting!

First! It’s 27 days until GayRomLit! Holy crap! Losing my everloving junk! So exciting! I have swag for days. I just hope people take it. I have goodie bags, pens, hand sanitizers in fun scents (because seriously!), buttons, and Blowpops made up like superheroes with little capes and masks! I even have a gift basket, a Neiman Marcus jewelry box, as well as a Neiman Marcus iPad/Tablet sleeve to raffle off. The basket to the gift basket is a Avengers backpack for children stuffed to the brim with superhero goods. Yeah really. ;D

I’ve also got the happy, happy email that the final installment of my superhero series Checkmate has entered the editing phase. If you haven’t read the series or know what the frig it is Writer Me does, you can check out the series here, starting with Pawn Takes Rook and the sequel Cashing the Reality Check. The final book will be called Conventional Love… Because it takes place at a comic convention… And the name is funny… Get it? Uh. Okay. Moving on.

Lex’s Gains and Losses

September 2013 -25 lbs - Large Tee from Threadless

September 2013 -25 lbs – Large Tee from Threadless

Now, I know why you’re really here! Check it out! Feast your eyes! I’ve lost 25 pounds, yeah baby! As I previously hit my crippling depression, and I do mean it was pretty freaking crippling, I got back in the saddle. I had gained four pounds in three weeks and I was pretty upset about it. Luckily, it didn’t take too long to pick myself back up. I have a saying when I’m revising my books when I have a lot of work to do on it: “Whelp, this book isn’t going unfuck itself.”

And my body wasn’t going to either if I don’t do something.

I had been struggling with finding a Weight Watchers meeting I could go to that fit with my class schedule. I was also determined to go to morning meetings with my regular leader because she’s freaking awesomesauce.

But I’m back to tracking my points on my Droid. They made the WW App so much more streamlined now. It runs a lot faster. I also think it’s also because I got a new phone too. A Galaxy Note II, I adore it. I’ll be sad when it craps out in two years. 🙁 But so far so good in the tracking department!

Now For A Gallery Of My Greatest Hits!

Just in case you forgot how far I’ve come, have a progress gallery through the years until today! A few things to note? Today, when my latest photo was taken? That’s a large sized t-shirt from Threadless. And they run smaller than normal. So off we go again!

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