[RECIPE] Double Trouble Lemon Shake

Hello everyone! Today’s recipe, the Double Trouble Lemon Shake comes from my fooling around in the kitchen and seeing what havoc I could get into. I always tell myself I have a 50/50 shot that whatever I tossed together could come out delicious or a disaster. So far, my track record has been pretty good, I’ve only created on catastrophic failure so far.

I’m also trying something totally new with the format here at Bitter Little Pearl with recipe cards for your printing ease or emailing to yourself. I’ve recently gotten a Samsung Galaxy Note II, and honestly, the recipe feature is what absolutely sold me on it.

A few words about this shake, it makes a BONCH. You can divide it between two people for less points, or you can chug the thing yourself. It’s actually not as tart as you’d think it would be, but it’s definitely lemony. Like a creamy lemon frosty. It should be understood I also used sugar-free and fat-free pudding mix.

So enjoy!

Double Trouble Lemon Shake

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