[PROGRESS] Scale Tales #5

Tracker 7-3-13Belated happy 4th to all of my American readers! The holiday was yesterday, full of BBQ, potato salad, adult beverages, and fireworks. Our neighbor seemed bound and determined to set our house on fire with roman candles. Thanks, dude.

But let’s get to it with this edition of Scale Tales!

Lex’s Losses

Well lookie there! 17 pounds gone! I didn’t lose 20 like I wanted to, but hell I’ll take it. With any luck I’ll have lost 25 total by the end of the month.

Lex’s Issues (Say It Ain’t So!)

I hate to say it, but here goes. I am getting crazy lazy with staying on track. I realized very quickly when I wasn’t tracking my points, I felt completely out of control. Now that I track, I feel better and more conscious of what I’m doing. But of course, I track in fits and spurts. I didn’t track yesterday, but I managed to stick to my portion controlled plates from Target.

In case you’re wondering about the plates, they’re the Justice League summer line from Target which you can find here. Just scroll to the right for the summer gear at the end!

The Gym Blues (Oh no!)

Ever since my colonoscopy, I have struggled hard to get back into the swing of things with going to the gym. I’ve tried everything from leaving little positive notes to myself about going to setting it up as a quest on SuperBetter. It seems I have that thing in my head that I talk myself out of it.

Lex Is Getting The Chair! (She’s Innocent, I Tell You!)

The problem is I’ve had waaaaaay too much Ass-In-Chair time. I’ve had a lot of writing to do in-between edits on the “Pawn Takes Rook” sequel, revisions on “Americana Fairytale,” and various things from author interviews over on Lexchase.com to classwork to keeping up with this blog. The first two are important in the case of furthering my career and, you know, getting paid the rest seems rather superficial and less important. I assure you while they have lesser priority they are no less important. It’s platform and credibility building, its content generation, it’s experience, and in the case of BLP, it’s the eventuality someone will learn they’re not alone.

But my devotion to all the projects and not just the high priority ones have jacked my sleep schedule, has made me perpetually snacky. I snack when I’m sleepy thinking it’ll wake me up. Or I make poor choices when I’m tired.

Lex’s Solutions!

I need to break it down and make simple goals for myself. Even if it’s just walking for five minutes on the hour, or sitting on my balance ball while I go through my email.

My email? Woof! That needs a time block all its own when I answer it. I realize there is a reason some people limit their email to twice a day.

Even things like making an effort to track five days in a row will make a big difference and remind me how in control I am.

I don’t want to declare for public knowledge that come hell or high water, I’m going to the gym. I can’t promise that. And I’m not ready to make that claim. But I need to remind myself how awesome I felt when I was going. Right now, I feel like in a no energy and semi-depressed fog. The gym is what I need, I know it, but it’s just flipping that switch in my mind telling me to get my ass in gear.

You know… I just realized. I’m pre-diabetic. Part of me getting in the gym was avoiding the inevitable diabetes.

Well. Shit. I just broke down my lazy excuses. Look at how that works!

The lesson here?

When you want to quit, think of the reason you started!



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