[RECIPE] Zero Point 7 Eleven Slurpee

You, YES, you can have a Slurpee and not feel guilty!

You, YES, you can have a Slurpee and not feel guilty!

Here in the South, we do not have 7-11, but we have Circle K, Tom Thumb, Race Track, and even a beloved Oasis Travel Center that’s actually a location in my WIP “Americana Fairytale.” (You can read all about my progress on “Americana Fairytale” here!) Why do all of these convenience stores have in common?

The Slurpee. Yes. The sugary titan that will hype you up so high, color your mouth, and in some people make them sick as a dog. They’re delicious, right? But does 40 ounces for 10 PointsPlus sound delicious?

What if… If! I told you, you could have the Slurpee of your dreams for 0 PointsPlusRead that. Read it again. A Slurpee for 0 PointsPlus. You heard me. Here we go.

Zero Point 7 Eleven Slurpee

Serves: 1 | 0 PointsPlus per serving


  • Any Liquid Water Enhancer you like. Mio, Crystal Light’s new liquid brand, Target Brand, whatever you’d like. And make sure you like it first. I had some Winn-Dixie brand that tasted like rubbing alcohol.
  • Ice
  • Water


  1. Take a couple tablespoons of water in a cup and add a few squirts to the water to make a simple flavoring.
  2. Dump 2-3 cups ice in a blender, about a cup of water, and the flavoring mixture.
  3. Blend! Take a taste test if it tastes okay. If not, adjust the level of flavor to your preference!


  • If the consistency is clumpy and won’t pour, add more water and re-blend to thin it out.
  • If it doesn’t taste like anything, add more liquid flavoring. I added a ton of Mio Energy to mine and it was way strong. Like a bit too much. D:

Now You Try!

Stupidly simple, am I right? Who doesn’t love slushes and Slurpees? And who the hell only drinks an 8 ounce Slurpee? The cups at the vending machine don’t even come in that size!

Did you test it out? What flavors did you use? Did you mix and match? Try lemonade, try tea, just remember to adjust the points. What are your go to flavors?

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