[PROGRESS] Lex Shrinks Again!

It’s that time again! Progress photo time! To recap, I’ve included all the photos of my tracker to date. Apparently, the weight tracker booklet that Weight Watchers gives you is super top-secret. They never say what your weight is out loud. Just how much you’ve lost or gained. And then when they ask you in the meeting how much you’ve lost, you don’t say your current weight, but instead what you’ve lost. Our leader, Paula, refuses to reveal what her weight is, but instead she says she’s lost 6 sizes.

And me, I’m getting to be a hardcore practitioner of complete transparency. The Weight Watchers Police is probably telling me UR DOOIN EET WRONGZ. Oh well!

So on with the show!

The Tracker To Date!

Last Month’s Photo – May 2013 – 10 lbs lost

May 2013

May 2013 -10 lbs

This Month’s Photo – June 2013 – 16 lbs lost

June 2013 -16 lbs

June 2013 -16 lbs

Things of Note:

First and foremost, I’m wearing my custom-made Sarcastic Rover tee I made on Zazzle for Dragon*Con. It’s an XL but Zazzle’s sizes actually run incredibly small. This is likely actually a large. Or somewhere between a large and medium. I did wear it to Dragon*Con but it’s a bit of a blur if it actually looked good on me or not. I’m hedging my bets on maybe just okay.

The second is those are my Old Navy Dreamer jeans in a size 18. Old Navy only goes to a size 18. And those bitches don’t stretch. I couldn’t fit in these jeans since Dragon*Con. I couldn’t even get them over my thighs for the longest time. And I have crazy thighs and hips. Now, they fit, I can button them, and don’t feel like I can’t breathe when I sit down. They’re back to being my favorite jeans again.

The biggest deal? My current weight. Which oh em gee don’t call the Weight Watchers police on me!

Current Weight?

239 lbs!

Bai, bai 280’s! Adios 27o’s! Sayonara 260’s! Dasvidaniya 250’s! Auf Wiedersehen 240’s! What’s your hurry? Here’s your hat!

However, I’ve come to one particularly sad conclusion. My rather professional wardrobe that I bought last year for the Silken Sands writing conference that I planned to take to GayRomLit? All of it is way too big! Erm… Time to scrape through the budget for new clothes!

Tune in next month for a new photo!

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