Tracker_6_12_13As one of my favorite YouTubers CGP Grey says “Hello Internet!” only it’s me, Lex Chase with this edition of Scale Tales and various updates on the Status of Good Ship Bitter Little Pearl.


Lex’s Gains (Rut-roh Shaggy!)

Last Wednesday, I gained 0.8 of a pound after all was said and done with my emergency colonoscopy which I talked about over yonder here! I was expecting to lose buckets of weight for obvious reasons that are obvious, and nope. Wasn’t gunna happen. I know what I did though. I ate stuff that I really shouldn’t have. Like chicken fingers and potato wedges from Publix the morning before prep time, and it had just been a downhill slide afterwards.

I haven’t tracked points, I haven’t measured anything, I haven’t worn my ActiveLink, and I haven’t gone to the gym in the last two weeks. I know I did it, and I did it to myself, but I can’t dwell on it but can only work on getting better.

The good news in all of this is I weighed myself this morning just to check-in where I was at and the scale is finally moving in the right direction. There’s about a two-pound difference between my scale and the one at the Weight Watchers center, so I trust theirs over mine. As long as I stay on track this week, I’ll be celebrating my tiny victory.

Lex Is Getting Better With SuperBetter!

Let’s talk a minute about this freaking awesome app and site my brother discovered via a TedTalk. The short version is Jane McGonigal, a video game designer, posed the question of how do we get gamers to tackle real world problems in making the world a better place. So, Jane made games that inspire gamers to go out in their lives and be better people. When she had suffered a concussion that left her depressed and bedridden, she created SuperBetter to encourage herself and others to improve their lives.

SuperBetter is unlike My Fitness Pal or other weight loss sites or apps. With SuperBetter you create your own goal of whatever you want from coping with depression, losing weight, or even finishing a novel, or even going out with friends for an afternoon when you really don’t want to. It’s a very easy to use interface, and like a game (that doesn’t require any hand-eye coordination LOL!) you go on Quests (like something as simple as drinking a glass of water), you fight bad guys with really creative names (like battling self-doubt), and you get Epic Wins when you make a goal. You even have a superhero secret identity! How cool is that!

SuperBetter makes it simple to gain your Epic Wins by inspiring goals you can do in 24 hours, 30 minutes, or even 5 seconds. Every little moment goes a long way.

Regrettably, there isn’t an Android App yet, but there is one for iPhone. I don’t mind using the site for now though. But for anyone struggling to get a goal I recommend it. If you need a superhero ally to help out you can find me under Kratos Obsidian!

State of Bitter Little Pearl

Instead of beating myself up on how far behind I’ve gotten with maintaining Bitter Little Pearl, I realize I had a pretty damned good excuse. I also know I need to be kinder to myself. I don’t do so hot when I feel like people are depending on me and I can’t deliver. A promise is a promise, you know? Over on my writing blog,, I regularly interview other writers, and because of my procedure, it was put on hold for a bit despite having a full plate. When I mentioned what was up to my fellow authors at Dreamspinner Press, the resounding comment is “You need to take care of you! It’ll be here when you get back!” My peers at DSP continue to blow me away with how generous and understanding they are. I’m constantly thankful for being with such a wonderful company.

Tomorrow, since it’s Recipe Day, I’m determined to get the German Chocolate Cupcake recipe posted. Seriously, trust me, they will change your life. For all the diabetics out there, this one is a pretty big deal and I hope you enjoy it. From then on, it’s back into the swing of things. I hesitated on posting a standing schedule for public knowledge even if I have one in my Google Calendar. I was trying to see if I could stick with it before I went public with it. So far so good.

That’s All For Now! See ya next time for a new edition of Scale Tales!

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