[PROGRESS] The Incredible Shrinking Lex Chase

Behold! The Incredible Shrinking Lex Chase!

Hurry, hurry, step right up! Beyond the velvet drapes is a wonder to behold! Men quake at the sight! Women screech at the creature! Hold onto each other as we gallivant thorough the awesome jaw-dropping amazement of Lex’s Loss!

Step One: 2005

Way Back When 2005

Way Back When 2005

Oh my god, woof. This is from a photoshoot I did for the superfans of ABC’s Lost. (Siiiiigh. Memories!) If I remember correctly, I was upwards of 280 pounds-ish. That’s my Dharma vest stretched over my stomach, that’s my very floppy bingo wings in my sleeve. I think I was wearing a 4x or a 5x. Anyway, I was das uber mchuge.

Step Two: 2007

Way Back When 10/31/2007

Way Back When 2007

My kingdom for a decent bra! (That topic is coming eventually. And there just might be photos!) At the time, I managed to whittle myself down to 220 in 2006 just by eating right and taking care of myself. I was also doing Sparkpeople. Which I actually endorse and is amazing. And free but there are quite a few ads on the site now.

But in 2007, I started packing it back on. I was going to school in Atlanta, and I quickly discovered the glorious Foodie-ness that The ATL had to offer. I’d eat slightly okay during the week. But the cafeteria food was seriously hidden calorie bombs. But then I’d go totally overboard on the weekend with eating out at some restaurant, eating an appetizer, an entree, and then getting the largest possible size with the worst possible mix-ins at Cold Stone Creamery. Let me tell you, getting back on the MARTA when you have too full of a stomach and a 45 minute trip back into town? Yeah, absolute ticking timebomb of finding the nearest bathroom, or lasting until you got to your own.

Step Three: Early 2013

Your Host: Lex Chase

This is this year, January 2013, while I was on a cruise. Many say this photo looks like I’m in Hogwarts. It’s not a bad photo. But when I came back from the cruise, I was at 260 despite all the crazy walking around I did and a death-defying shore excursion with my mother. My jacket makes me look bigger than I was, and my face was rounding out a bit with my double chin starting to make it’s reappearance. Still, I love that jacket. I need to get it taken in.

Step Four: Today

Today 2013

Today 2013

Observe the double-jointed knees in action! I had no idea all along that’s what I’ve been doing when I stand like that. Today, I have lost 10.6  pounds in all and now sitting at 244.4 now out of the 260’s as well as the 250’s and never ever going back up to 280. At current, I am a size 18 in some things, and a size 16 in other things instead of a size 36 in 2005. I wear XL shirts, instead of 5x to 6x. I choose not to swim in my clothes anymore or hide my curves. I have learned most importantly, when you look good, you feel good.

For me, that’s obnoxious t-shirts with cute designs and Yellowbox flipflops. Because, Florida.

Tune in next month for a new progress photo. For now, it’s back to the tasty recipes, words of encouragement, and progress reports!

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