Tracker_5_22_13Hello and welcome to the second installment of Scale Tales! I’m Lex Chase or Megs as my friends call me away from my authorhood. And like before, I’ll be keeping you abreast of my progress at Weight Watchers, little changes I made, and tips and tricks I learned along the way.

You too can chime in about your tips, tricks, as well as your gains and losses, or if you just need a pick me up!

Here we go!

Lex’s Losses

As you can see I’ve only lost 0.6 of a pound. When I talked to the lady running the scale, she said that was totally normal for me to pull such a huge number last week and get a small number this week. It’s okay! For one, I’m out of the 250’s and that is fine by me! And two, I totally know what I did.

I had a couple big eating nights last week. The Blue Wahoos Disaster I talked about here. And I drank more Crystal Light Energy. I used to drink this stuff by the boatload, but the scale wouldn’t budge. Little did I know it was a sodium bomb in disguise when you drink as much of it as I did. This week I drank one or two bottles a day on top of my water. It adds up! I’m trying to wean myself off of it. I buy this stuff by the carton.

I’ve also been eating more of my points, and this is okay. I get 37 points a day. But normally I eat about 20 of them. Due to being on Metformin I’m just not hungry. And if I’m not hungry, why should I? Because of my pre-diabetes I’ve been eating more protein and less carbs. When I eat or drink something too sugary, unless it is a tiny portion, I pretty much get nauseated within two bites. I love sweets. Love, love, love them. My brain says I still do, but when I try to eat a sweet treat, my body suddenly says “No. You really don’t want this.” Mom had to remind me at the Wahoos game when I was hankering for a snowcone that I would likely make myself sick. I chose wisely to listen to her.

Lex’s New Tricks

Paula, our team leader at Weight Watchers and Sassy Minx, had an excellent tip when you have picky eaters around you that don’t want to eat “diet food.” Or they look at you dubiously and ask “Is that diet food?” Because, you know, they expect it to taste “diety.” Tasting “diety” is like tasting like cardboard, the texture being all wrong, no seasoning, no flavor, or tasting like a bucket of Sweet n’ Low. Let me tell you, no one likes food that tastes “diety.”

So, when someone asks with an eye roll, “Is that *long suffering siiiiiigh* diet food?” You just give it right back to them and say, “Does this look like diet food?

How many mothers out there have tried to get their kids to eat healthier by sneaking things into their food? Did your mom do it to you? Let’s just say lying and trickery still work when it comes to eating healthier even for adults. You’d be amazed how many products are out there now that taste just as good if not better than the full fat all bad for you brand. Or recipes you can “gussy up” a bit to pack a healthier punch. More on that another time.

Lex Keeps On Shinin’

As far as the gym goes, I’ve gone for a week and a half now. Woo!  At the time of this posting, I’ll have done and gone for a fifth time. I’ve done the whole plan once through that my trainer assigned me. I was pretty creaky and sore for a few days, but once I went through it I don’t seem sore as much anymore. I’ve asked my trainer a few other questions, because on certain machines, my left knee starts to creak and crackle. The torso twist machine, because you sit up on your knees on it, omg towards the end my knee is screaming at me.

Besides my knee having a case of the dumbs, it’s just a matter of keeping it up, and not losing track. I only have myself to rely on. No one’s going to encourage me. So I have to do it.

The new tip I’ve learned along the way: Of all the times I wanted to take a nap or go back to bed because I was dozing off at my desk? I went to the gym. Let me tell you, after putting in an hour and a half of work, I wasn’t dozing anymore.

Lex Faces A Challenge

In five to six weeks, I should be getting my first round of edits for the sequel to Pawn Takes Rook called Pawn Takes Rook: Cashing The Reality Check. Depending on my instructions, I’ll have a week to ten days to do the first round of edits. I’m hoping the stress of getting them done on time will convince me not to resort to bad eating habits. If not, even if I’m in my own house editing in my PJs, I’ll have to pre-pack myself some meals I can either heat and eat, or munch on. I’m going to attempt to keep hitting the gym. The gym is open until 11pm anyway. Even if I have to go at 9pm I’ll still go.

Opening the Floor!

And now I turn it over to you! What accomplishments have you had this week? This month? Even this year? Did you do something special? Did you find a new opportunity to do something positive for yourself? Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Sound off!

Till next time!

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