I Puked in Yoga Class

Got your attention, didn’t I? Greetings, Dandelions! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Far too long. It’s hard to share my crazy bipolar life when I have stuff to work on in my crazy bipolar life. What is that “stuff?” That stuff would be self-care. And if you read one thing today, this is it….

My Extreme Makeover Anniversary!

Happy Devil’s Night, Internet! Today is a special day for me. As you can see by this lovely dollar that I shamelessly posted in McGuire’s Irish Pub for all eternity, I bid a fond farewell to what used to be my chest. No, I didn’t have breast cancer, and bless those strong ladies! And no,…

The Weight of Reality, The Reach for the Stars

If you had read my post The Human Garbage Dump where I got real on dealing with my weight, well here’s the sequel. I have always struggled with my weight. Who hasn’t? Everyone has at some point. Even Chris Pratt. In full transparency, Mr. Pratt has firmly become my new obsession besides the obvious reason….