Dream Date at the Dreamspinner Press Blog!

Hello, Internet! If you haven’t dropped by the Dreamspinner Press Blog you’re in for a treat with another Some Assembly Required excerpt. As a part of the Dream Dates theme, Patrick and Benji have one of their own! Did someone say “Netflix and chill?” Ooh lala~ Tune in next month at the Dreamspinner Press Blog as…

Happy Holidays from Lex Chase!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from me and mine to you and yours! Today on this lovely day join me at the Dreamspinner Press Blog as I give you guys a very special Christmas assignment and speak of the joy of joys that is this amazing wonder. May I present to you My Little Pony Paradise Estate….

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Birthday ‘MURICA! Home of the Free! Land of the Brave! Let’s celebrate with a 35% off sale at Dreamspinner Press! And I have a special someone to help celebrate with me! Let’s give a salute to the Nation’s Colors alongside Darkmore Saga’s All-American Gender-Fluid Boy, Aisa King Sevon Maraté! Sevon loves celebrating our differences…

The Princess Obsession

  Once Upon A Time… I could give a crap about princesses. And then I wrote a series about them. And then my life was a non-stop vomit of glitter. And it’s awesome. I’ve repeated the story a number of times about how Americana Fairy Tale and Fairy Tales of the Open Road came to be….

Thanks To 500+ Twitter Followers!

508 Twitter followers to be exact! How did this escape my notice? It took me two years just to get 50 followers. I remember that day when I was celebrating and running around the house that gasp 50 people thought I was cool enough! I want to thank each and every one of you for following…