At The Movies with Lex Chase: Zootopia

Hello, Internet! As my weekly Facebook check-ins indicate, I watch a lot of movies. So much I have to budget for IMAX 3D tickets. And today, I’m talking about Disney’s Zootopia AKA Breaking Baaa-aaaa-aaad. The premise of Zootopia is we meet Officer Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin), a sweet bunny who’s a little left of center….

Miserable Stories and Why You Should Tell Them

Just recently, I’ve rediscovered anime. I’ve fallen out of it for years, much of it the same ol’ same ol’. But now, the latest exports from Japan have really stepped up in telling very sophisticated and absolutely miserable sob fests. One of my favorites is Death Parade. The title of the show is absurd. The opening…

The Princess Obsession

  Once Upon A Time… I could give a crap about princesses. And then I wrote a series about them. And then my life was a non-stop vomit of glitter. And it’s awesome. I’ve repeated the story a number of times about how Americana Fairy Tale and Fairy Tales of the Open Road came to be….

Sarah Madison: Disney Princess Fangirl

Why, Yes, I’m a Disney Princess Fangirl… I suppose it’s a little fun to be a middle-aged woman talking about her favorite Disney Princesses, but hey, I’ve grown up with Disney my entire life. I love animated movies, I love to sing, and had a fairly strict upbringing when it came to what we were…