Lex Chase

I Puked in Yoga Class

Got your attention, didn’t I? Greetings, Dandelions! Have I got a story for you. This post is a bit of a hilarious… Read more I Puked in Yoga Class

Take Your Damn Meds!

Yo, Dandelions! It’s my birthday! I am now celebrating 39 years above the dirt. So, can’t complain! Just sayin’ I… Read more Take Your Damn Meds!

lex chase

Miscommunication and Mental Health

Greetings my Dandelions, and welcome back as I continue this series of posts on mental illness. I’d like to thank… Read more Miscommunication and Mental Health

Untangling Irrational Thoughts

Being irrational is any person’s Achilles heel. Losing all sense of how to logically work through a situation and exploding… Read more Untangling Irrational Thoughts

Miserable Stories and Why You Should Tell Them

Just recently, I’ve rediscovered anime. I’ve fallen out of it for years, much of it the same ol’ same ol’.… Read more Miserable Stories and Why You Should Tell Them