A Star Rises: Behind the Scenes of Design

Hello, Internet! On August 28th, I launched a limited edition t-shirt campaign A Star Rises to benefit the victims of Hurricane Harvey. All proceeds go to Feeding Texas, who will provide aid to area food banks affected by the storm. And let me tell you, launching a t-shirt campaign when you’re doing it solo is omfg stressful….

Monday Feature at C.S. Poe’s Blog!

Hello, Internet! In case you missed it, C.S. Poe invited me over to her blog for an interview. I talk about what it’s like to be an artist and the weirdest thing I have in my office space. If you thought my plush lymph node and plush anatomically correct heart was weird, wait until you…

I Puked in Yoga Class

Got your attention, didn’t I? Greetings, Dandelions! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Far too long. It’s hard to share my crazy bipolar life when I have stuff to work on in my crazy bipolar life. What is that “stuff?” That stuff would be self-care. And if you read one thing today, this is it….