[Flash Fiction Friday] Welcome Thianna Durston!

Hello, Internet! Welcome Thianna Durston as a first time player for Flash Fiction Friday! In today’s tale, a loving couple get more than they bargained for when their adorable pet chihuahua finds himself a new toy.

Mikey’s Toy

by Thianna Durston

“What a day,” Stalt exclaimed, faer eyes bright and shining as fae walked in the door. “Mrs. Baylor brought in her St. Bernard and he had a huge bite taken out of his hide. I don’t know what he got into, but man.” Fae leaned over and brushed a kiss to my brow. “How was your day, love?”

All day long I’d waited for faer to come home to point out the newest toy faer dog Mikey brought home and fae disarms me with a smile and a kiss. “Interesting. Go clean up. Steaks are almost done. By the way, Mikey’s home.”

“Mikey!” Stalt’s pleased tone bounced through our tiny bungalow and Mikey’s answering “Yip” sounded just as happy.

By the time they stepped onto the back patio, the steaks were done and the table was set.

“Told you he’d turn up,” Stalt said with a smile as fae handed Mikey a piece of steak. “He can never stay away for too long.”

“Three weeks,” I reminded faer after taking a bite of my steak. “I’m surprised he found his way back. So, what bit Mrs. Baylor’s dog in the ass? Don’t tell me… whatever it was, was after her.”

Coughing a laugh, Stalt took a drink of water. “We have no idea what it was. Thankfully Fido is up to date on all his shots.”

Of all the things about Mrs. Baylor that bothered me, her naming a two hundred pound dog Fido was at the top of my list. “How long will it take for him to recover?”

“Months. Part of the bone was gone. She tried to pass it off as him getting hit by a car, but no car takes a chunk of skin, bone, and sinew out and leaves none of it behind.” Fae sipped on faer water. “It was the strangest thing. I could swear some animal took a bite out of him but I can’t think of anything that big that would take a bite and not claw him to pieces as well.” Fae stretched faer shoulders and yawned. “Glad I’ve got the next two days off. With all the strange accidents befalling our canine and feline friends lately, I’ve been run off my feet.”

Mikey hopped up on faer leg, his tail lashing fast back and forth. He barked. “I’m not giving this to you,” Stalt said, waving toward the bone. “You’ll get steak juice everywhere.”

“He probably wants his own bone back,” I said, sending the little dog a glare. I still wasn’t sure how he’d dragged the thing back with him. It was several times his size.

With a cock of faer brow, Stalt grinned. “Brought back another bone, did he?”

“Let’s clean up and then you can see what he brought back. It’s disgusting.”

With a vet for a life partner, one would think I would have gotten used to the discussion of body parts. So far, I still turned green at the thought, let alone the sight of one.

Since I’d barbequed, it didn’t take long and once we made sure Mikey was inside and not out where he could go running off into the woods again, I pointed toward the small room Stalt used as a laboratory. “I put it in there. And I’m not going in.”

Fae smiled and nodded, whistling for Mikey to follow faer to the lab. Over the year we owned the little chihuahua, he had brought back many things: rabbits paws, a claw, a rat’s tail, and the—up until now—worst thing, a small skull of some creature I preferred not to name. This, though, was over the top. For one thing, it was several times the three-pound dog’s size. For another? It had been covered in blood, which meant it was new.

Made me wonder about little Mikey. What did he do, sit and wait until some larger animal had killed and fed and then took off with whatever was left over? It was creepy. Which was just one of the many reasons I did not allow Mikey in our bedroom. I wasn’t sure I trusted him, no matter how cute he was.

“Adam, come look at this.” I didn’t want to, but Stalt’s excited tone was too much for me to ignore. I went as far as the door jamb and waited. He looked up, the specialized goggles on his face allowing him to see far more than he could with the naked eye. “Did you see this?”

“I did when I picked it up.” The grimace in my tone was clear to me. Fae didn’t seem to notice.

“It still has some of the skin and tendons,” fae said in amazement. “Which makes no sense. If something this big was brought down, whatever it was would have killed Mikey, not let him take the femur.”

“It was part of the leg then?” I asked, feeling as though I should say something. All I wanted to do was ask faer if we could throw it out.

“Yes,” fae said, humming quietly. “Part of a leg. Look here. You can see where the bone was ripped apart. And this skin is unique. It looks more amphibian than mammal.” Faer voice took on a sense of awe. “This creature must be huge.”

“Come on, Stalt,” I said, inching away. “You know every animal on the face of the planet. What was it?” Fae knew I didn’t like these kinds of games. Just tell me what the bloody thing was so I wouldn’t create horrible ideas in my head.

Fae stood up straight and wrapped the bone in some plastic before removing faer gloves. Fae turned off the lamp and ushered Mikey out.

Stalt took me by the hand and led me into our living room. “Try not to freak out, Adam, but I’ve only seen something like it once. The thing is—it’s not supposed to exist. Not anymore, anyway.”

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