[Flash Fiction Friday] Grace Kilian Delaney Joins The Party!

Hello, Internet! For this edition of Flash Fiction Friday, first-time guest, Grace Kilian Delaney shares a tale of memorable first dates, and unexpected second chances that are practically… magic.

First Date by Grace Kilian Delaney

“Of all the places and days.” Remi huffed as she looked down upon the sad carcass of a rather large iguana she hit with her car. Grabbing an old T-shirt, she wrapped the battered body in it and put it in the trunk.

She was already running late for call time on the set of First Date, a reality dating show she loved. She’d worked hard to become a contestant, and now this darn reptile would make her lose her chance with the hottest girl on the show, Gemma. Remi knew it was her own fault. She’d casted a spell turning her ex-girlfriend into a lizard, and it’d completely backfired. Marie, a witch like Remi, had cheated on her, and in a fit of anger Remi threw a curse sending her girlfriend’s soul into an iguana. Unfortunately, the spell had called for an amphibian, which is probably why her ex kept returning. And never. Ever. Dying. No matter what.

Remi got in the car. The scaly apparition of her former girlfriend sat in the passenger seat.

“Marie, why’d you do that? You have the worst timing. I’m supposed to be on a date with Gemma, and now I have to toss you into the water. Again! You’re just jealous!”

Her ex snickered and then stuck her tongue out.

“You’d better stay dead this time!” Remi warned. The only way to get any reprieve from Marie was to dump the T-shirt-wrapped corpse in water, preferably a lagoon at high tide.

Remi drove to the lagoon and parked on the roadside. Looking at the dashboard clock, she calculated that she’d be more than a half hour late for her call time. With a sigh, she got out of the car, trying to remain calm when a few joggers waved to her, one of whom looked like Gemma. She brushed the thought aside, knowing her love interest would be on the dating show’s set. Remi returned the gesture and went to the back of her car. Just as she opened the trunk, Gemma ran up next to her, greeting Remi with that adorable double-dimpled smile that had won her heart.

Her perspective lover wore scant running shorts and a tight-fitting tank top designed to show off all those lean arm and leg muscles beautifully. Remi drank in the sight, forgetting everything else.

“Remi? I thought that was you,” Gemma said, setting a bulky backpack on the ground.

“Fancy meeting you here…in the lagoon…and not on the set.” Remi chided herself for sounding like an idiot.

“Didn’t you get the message? The station moved the call time. Hey, are you okay? You’re bleeding.”

Remi looked to where Gemma’s gaze was fixed and saw the bloodstain. “I’m fine.” She waved dismissively. “I…uh…had a small accident and ran over a lizard.” Reluctantly, Remi opened the trunk of her car and showed Gemma the mashed body. Meanwhile, the scaly ghost appeared by Remi’s side, laughing hysterically. Annoying little brat, Remi thought.

“You got one of those, too?” Gemma pointed right to the apparition. “I thought my ex was the only one.” She opened her backpack and showed Remi the contents. Another dead lizard. Remi saw its transparent counterpart standing on the concrete beside Gemma, head high and a smug grin on its face. It turned to her and stuck out its tongue. “I came here to dump her in the lagoon. It’s the only way I get any peace and quiet once she shows up again.”

Remi laughed, not believing her luck. “That’s why I’m here, too.”

“I tell ya, that’s the last time I substitute a reptile for an amphibian in a spell,” she said with a snort. “Should we do it together?” Gemma suggested. A hopeful gleam shone in her chocolate-brown eyes, those beautiful orbs that had the power to melt Remi.

“I’d love to.”

They gathered the corpses and walked waist deep into the cool waters of the lagoon. Reciting a parting incantation, one universal to their witch kind, they released the remains and watched as the water swallowed them. Soon, the matching iguanas swam out to meet their deceased forms. When they caught sight of each other, they stopped and stared.

“Look!” Gemma said, pointing. “I think they like each other.”

The iguanas transformed back into their human form and joined hands. Without looking back at the witches that had cursed them, the dead lovers ascended, disappearing into the sunlight.

Gemma took Remi’s hand and smiled. “Guess ours isn’t the only epic first date.”

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