Art of Lex Chase Returns to the Novel Approach!

Hello, Internet!

As March winds down, let’s go out with a bang with my third installment of Art of Lex Chase at the Novel Approach. I’m presenting something a little different and personal this month. Many of you have seen me babble all over social media about a little dystopian project featuring sentient plant people called Grow. Well, this month, the MC Iris takes center stage along with a hearty excerpt from Chapter One. Check it out over here!

Miss last month? Never fret. Here it is just for you! For my second post at the Novel Approach, I rattled on about the amazing crack that is the Showtime show, Penny Dreadful. If you haven’t seen it yet…Get yourself to Netflix and fix that. Featuring characters from turn of the century penny dreadfuls, like Dorian Gray, Victor Frankenstein, the Wolfman, and others, it’s my jam. Last month’s piece features my ship of Dorian Gray and Victor Frankenstein. I don’t care if Tumblr says this ship is not a thing!

As always, looking for a commission? Postcards? Posters? Swag designs? Character designs? Book covers? I’m your person! Check out my examples and price list here!

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