Art of Lex Chase Is Live At The Novel Approach!

Hello, Internet!

In a partnership with the lovely Lisa over at The Novel Approach, I have a regular monthly column “The Art of Lex Chase.” Over there I’ll be posting a new piece per month and the occasional doodle or work in progress. Because how else am I going to justify constantly drawing Hannigram? Amirite?

You can check it out the second post over here! And this month’s piece? How about a little Penny Dreadful and a bit of babbling why you should watch it.

Did you miss last month? Not to worry! Here you go. This one goes out to my fellow History Makers in the Yuri on Ice fandom! I was moved at the beginning of the year to make my mark in the world of YOI fanart. And omg there’s so much good stuff! So intimidating! So here’s a Work in Progress of our favorite sexy pork cutlet bowl, Yuri Katsuki! After a few revisions, I’ll have Yuri, Victor, and Yurio prints for Animazement 2017!

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