[Flash Fiction Friday] West Thornhill Joins The Fray!

Hello, Internet! West Thornhill drops by to play in this latest round of Flash Fiction Friday. With the nasty weather, today’s tale is relatable with the life altering decisions you make while snowed in.

Inconvenient Snow by West Thornhill

“I can’t believe our douche of a boss wouldn’t let us close early when this switched from just a snow event to a full-blown blizzard.” I stared out into the white-out. The last customer had been hours ago. “Now, we’re stuck here.”

Regular snow didn’t stop people in this town from getting out. But this was different. Geez, I think the last true blizzard happened like a hundred years ago or something.

“Yeah and all we have is crappy convenience store food and coffee. Here.” Jake, my co-worker, handed me a cup.

At least it was warm. My hands had gotten cold as stood there with them pressed against the door. We’d locked up about an hour after seeing the last state truck disappear into the eeriness.

I sighed. “Well, I know the boss had the generator checked a few days ago. So, we should be okay if the power goes out.”

Jake grimaced. “Don’t even think that.” He turned and walked back to the counter and hopped up on it. “Man, if I didn’t have to finish out this semester, I’d quit this stinking job and move.”

I nodded. I had finished up in December and already graduated, but I had to wait for my partner to finish up and save up some money. I couldn’t wait to get out of this town. It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for that other school holding back any progress that didn’t benefit them.

“Why are you still here? You’ve graduated. I would have thought you’d be gone.” Jake took a sip from his cup and shivered. Yes, the coffee was that bad no matter how you doctored it.

I shrugged. “Have to wait for my partner to graduate.”

“You don’t seem the type to wait around for some guy.” Jake’s brow furrowed when he looked at me.

“Who said it was some guy?”

He held up a hand. Confusion marred his features. “Wait, Alys, you have a girlfriend? How did I not know this?”

I snickered. “Well, other than this dump, we don’t exactly run in the same circles. And yes, I have a girlfriend. You might have heard of her. Pen Archer.”

His eyes widened and I couldn’t contain the laugh that bubbled out.

“She’s like an Amazon.”

“I know. Part of the allure.” I had a thing for tall people. Male or female, didn’t matter. If they were six five or taller, I was a sucker. “Are you still with Merry?”

He blushed and ducked his chin down. “Uh-huh. We went to Boston to visit her family over break and looked into jobs and housing while we were there. So, that’s where we’re heading once school is done in May. Merry also applied to BC’s nursing program to become a nurse practitioner.”

“Awesome. Merry is going to be a great nurse.”

“What about you and Pen? Where are you guys heading?”



“I’m going to meet Pen’s family. And then we’ll decide from there. We’re taking a year before even thinking about grad school or anything.” It’s not like I could actually tell Jake the truth. I mean who would believe that Pen’s father was Ares or that she really was an Amazon princess.

Jake yawned. “Sorry.”

“No, we should probably get some sleep. Who knows how long this is going to last? Maybe if we’re lucky, it will be over before morning and they’ll have started cleaning the streets.”

We huddled together behind the counter. I pulled out my phone and sent a text to Pen. She’d wanted to come get me earlier but I talked her out of it. Didn’t want anyone to think she was Wonder Woman or something. I knew Jake had called Merry and his roommate to let them know we were bunkered down in the store.

He fell asleep quickly, but I was too keyed up. Worried about the power or some idiot thinking it was a good time to break-in. Once I was sure he was out, I got up and moved to the tiny office that barely held a computer on a shelf.

A slow smile moved across my lips as I pulled up the program for the outside sign. I typed in ‘Free coffee for all police, EMTs, fire, and snow plow drivers’ and scheduled it to go at four in the morning. Then I typed up my resignation letter.

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