#HannibalOdyssey “The Knight and Nakama”

Hello, Internet! It’s that time again! Hannibal Cre-ATE-Ive has been hard at work on this month’s event, #HannibalOdyssey, and it’s been a challenge! I started this piece over a month ago. I had commissions in line before it. So when came the option of “Drawing for Money” or “Drawing for Fun,” money came first.

With #HannibalOdyssey ending today, I put the nose to the grindstone and pushed through. This event’s theme is sci-fi/fantasy, in honor of Mads Mikkelsen’s glorious Galen Erso of Star Wars: Rouge One.

As I mentioned previously, I decided to go full on fantasy with it. Dumping every possible manga nod I could with it and loose inspirations from CLAMP to Record of Lodoss War, this is what I came up with. Going to Animazement 2017? I’ll have prints of this beauty!

I have Chaos Mage Berserker Will, who summons chaos time magic at the expense of his sanity. He does not relate well to other villagers and travelers, and sticks to himself. However, Holy Knight Hannibal knows of the man they call Nakama and knows his magic can be handy to alter the truth of events to his benefit. With the Nakama in his employ (or enslavement), Hannibal seeks the Blood Princess Abigail to convince her his bloody, nightmarish coup was all in her mind. It’ll just cost his new pet the last scrap of humanity he has left.

Would that be such a bad thing?

Photo courtesy of Madison Parker Photography.

Pop culture, comics, anime, and…cannibals?

These are a just a few things that go through Lex Chase’s head at any given moment. As an author, she specializes in stories of action, adventure, and broken yet true love. As an artist, she makes no apologies for drawing Hannibal’s Hannigram all the time.

Writing about boys who put the “massively fun” in massively dysfunctional, and drawing characters with questionable morals—or the precious cinnamon roll with questionable morals—gives her great pleasure. Lex knows everyone has a vice, and she’s willing to put stylus to tablet for yours.

Follow her here:
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Lex is open to all kinds of commissions from promo art, to swag, to social media graphics, covers, branding, posters, prints, and gifts for fans or yourself!

Contact her at lex.a.chase@gmail.com with “Commission Request” in the subject line!

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