Art of Lex Chase now live at The Novel Approach!

Hello, Internet! It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! My new column, The Art of Lex Chase has begun at The Novel Approach.

I’ll be dropping by there once a month for a new piece, and a sneak peek at what I’m working on, and other shenanigans. For my first post, we have Yuri on Ice’s Yuri Katsuki, and a little sneak peek at something we have riiiiight here of my #HannibalOdyssey piece “The Knight and Nakama.”

The theme this time around was take Hannibal and twist the show into a sci-fi/fantasy setting. I decided to go all out anime/manga fantasy with it. So have a look at Chaos Mage Berserker Will!

What else do I have in store? Just you wait to see the finished piece!

Check out The Art of Lex Chase here!

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