GayRomLit Wrap-Up!

Hello, Internet! Another GayRomLit has come and gone, leaving behind the warring urge to sleep for a month and create all the things at the same time. I regrettably didn’t take enough pictures. I took a lot of Kansas City, not a lot of the con itself.

This year, I decided to make the most of it with not only two readings, but volunteering my time at the Queer Sci-Fi table as well. On top of that, I enlisted the aid of my superfan turned BFF turned baby sister from another mister, Mae as my official cosplayer/booth babe. But really she was my tiny cruise director keeping me from losing my mind.

Once again, my Mom came along this year. While she didn’t make much of an appearance on the con floor due to feeling a little under the weather, many folks asked about her. So, thanks to those who remembered my crazy, sassy Mom!

Also this year I was given gifts! HOMG! I was gifted with a lovely journal from Juli-Anna Dobson, and Bru Baker gifted me with my much delayed birthday and Christmas gifts of Reaper Bunny and gasp! A Princess Aurora Funko! I have emotions about Aurora. Emotions!

For my two readings, the first I read from a super emotional tear jerking scene in Urban Fairy Tale as the villain Atticus says goodbye to his true love Idi the Witchking. In all of my rehearsing to get the inflection just right, Mae reports it actually came out better than I had rehearsed it. I can honestly say I went completely blank. As if outside of my own body and just read the words. I did, as predicted, choke up at the end.

The second reading was from my soon-to-be released contemporary The Unlikely Prospect coming this December. The story is featured in the Dreamspinner Press States of Love line and takes place in my home state of Maine and is about a closeted gay lobsterman falling for an out and proud first grade teacher from LA. I had…. no idea how it would go over. And I was in a reading group with KC Wells and Hank Edwards so no pressure you know. Everyone was cackling so damned much at the funny bits I started giggling too and tripping over myself. I got through it! And I was pretty pleased with how it went over.

I did something a little different with my swag this year and gave away prints I had illustrated. So for those of you who took prints, here they are! And those of you who asked for commissions, read on down below!

Screw-Up Princess and Skillful Huntsman Prints

Dude Princess Taylor Hatfield and Huntsman Corentin Devereaux of the Screw-Up Princess and Skillful Huntsman series was done as an exclusive for The Novel Approach. Also known as my Fairy Tales of the Open Road series this was a fun one of the two guys being lazy and adorable.




Screw-Up Princess and Skillful Huntsman Cast Cards. Featuring Taylor, Corentin, Atticus, and Idi, I gave away two different prints during my two lounges. And all graphics and photo manipulation designed by yours truly.

Grow Prints

Iris, our hero of Grow. This is a series I mentioned I’m currently seeking an agent for. It’s a dystopian about a cataclysmic event striking the US Eastern seaboard rendering the entire populations of the US, Canada, and Mexico extinct. Years pass, and the other countries get word that there are indeed signs of life. Only these new humans aren’t humans. They’re plants. Iris is quite literally an iris. Meanwhile the other countries are scrambling for ideas on wtf to do about this new species.

Muir of Grow. A mangy as hell dog of a human. He’s nasty, disgusting, and insanely charismatic. He’s also Iris’s love interest. But Iris is convinced Muir isn’t real. After all…humans don’t exist anymore. Is Iris going insane? This piece is my favorite of the bunch. I was sure it would be the least popular, I was wrong that it was the most popular of all.

Muir and Iris aka Muiris (aka That Couple)

It’s GRL! And everyone needs a little naughty. Naughty Muiris hits the spot. They are that couple ifyouknowwhatImean, and thanks to everyone who listened to me babble about their illicit affair and fanned themselves about stories of Muir’s preference to bite instead of kiss. (Can I get a HELL YEAH?)

Odds and Ends Prints: Sloane Brodie of THIRDS and Hannigram of Hannibal

My dear friend Charlie Cochet wasn’t in attendance this year, but I had created this print of Destructive Delta’s very own Sloane as a treat for readers. #TeamSexyPants ftw!

Aaaaaahhh Hannigram. I fucking love the shit out of Hannibal. Love it. This is one of my favorite pieces of the bunch. I had the great joy of telling readers nonono the fandom seriously didn’t make up the Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham ship. It’s 100% a real thing. It’s fantastic. I ran into a few readers who love the show, or know someone who does and asked for a print on their behalf. Also I met a lovely Fannibal (who I forgot her name! OMG!) who was just as overcome with emotions as much as I was. The fun part was convincing Meg Badwen to check out the show.

About Those Commission Requests!

In case you didn’t notice, I had quite a bit of my art floating around GRL. I had done a couple pieces for C.S. Poe as well as Felice Stevens. C.S. was a beautiful print of the Mystery of Nevermore cast. Felice had trading cards of her Breakfast Club boys. I’m very pleased with how they turned out!

I’ve had at least five people ask me if I did covers. I mentioned I didn’t at the time but I’m looking into it. I’m currently working on an Audible cover for one client, and I am experienced in print formatting for front and back copy. I’ve just never had the opportunity as of yet. But if you are interested, you can check out my samples and more over here on my Commissions Page!

Now For The Group Hug!

I want to thank everyone for making this GRL one of the most memorable. And also for coming up to me when most didn’t have the foggiest of who I was. Thank you for adding me to your TBRs and thank you for taking keen interest in that I draw stuff!

Many thanks to C.S. Poe for her special brand of pep talks when it’s the most encouraging kick to the teeth you’ll ever get. Felice Stevens for her sass and zero fucks given. To Tali Spencer and M.A. Church for inspiring me to want to grow up and be you guys. KC Wells and Hank Edwards whom I had only interacted with for three seconds before on the internet and for the awesome synergy our reading session had. Hank especially for Abigail Barcelona! To Rory Ni Coiliean, for her awesome song and Neil Plakcy for being an all around nice guy. To Jordan L. Hawk for taking the time to chat. To Elisa Rolle for several thought provoking conversations (and I didn’t faint in awe!) To Crissy Morris, Queen of the Precious Snowflakes. GURL YOU NEARLY MADE ME CRY! To Juli-Anna Dobson for being the best. To Christina Siefkas Johnson for putting up with Mom’s hijinks. Welcome to the insanity! 😉

For Mom for putting up with all this insanity. No Mom! We have to be somewhere! Stop hunting Pokies!

And to the Tiny Girl Child Mae, to many more trips to see the world! (I’ll bring the car seat! ;D)

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