10-9: The Best Story That Never Was

Hello, Internet! Today is a very special personal holiday for me. Over a decade ago I had begun a story called 10-9. The entire plot, like pretty much all of my novels was inspired from a five-minute conversation with a friend. While it had more than a few moving parts, but the premise was a love story about a military captain named Ahimsa Siven and a war correspondent named St. John Burroughs. It was also the tale of two brokenhearted soul mates given a second chance before it was too late. It was a story of lost love and letting go.

It was also the first novel I had ever written featuring full-scale war sequences where I had cut my teeth on writing fight scenes. The world building was massive, even the tiniest details from fictional languages with dialects to dishes that not only don’t exist, but how they’re made. I even puzzled out the military technology, or even how things we took for granted worked in this world. Smartphones, the internet, even television and so on.

Despite my love of this story, I can’t sell it for a number of reasons. Despite the idea, the execution at the time wasn’t there. I could maybe revisit it again when the opportunity presents itself.

But every year, every October 9th, I commemorate the event in some way. This year, I decided to revisit one of my old sketches from over eight years ago. Ahimsa and John were a study in several differences.

Ahimsa was my study of what I called the Maternal Male. He was a blend of male and female physiology, also despite his 6’6″ frame, all of his hard masculine angles were portrayed with feminine curving lines. He had a hybridized hourglass figure. Broad masculine chest, tiny waist with well-defined abs, and curvaceous hips.

John on the other hand was small, 5’4″ on a fantastic hair day but had the ferocity of a rabid bulldog. What he lacked in stature, he more than made up for in his aggressiveness and resourcefulness. He had always been depicted with hard, sharp, and squared off angles. He was possessive and protective of Ahimsa, at times their beliefs and stubbornness at war with each other.

They were a pair in such a deep near obsessive and destructive love that only they could understand. But they were my babies who started at all. So on this October 9th, I’m raising a cup of coffee, having a cupcake with a candle, and sharing this moment with all of you.

Happy Anniversary, Guys. Thanks for leading me to where I’m supposed to be.

"I Got You" by Lex Chase
“I Got You” by Lex Chase

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