Art Commissions Now Open!

Well. It’s happening. Er…Happened.

After eight long years, I’ve finally dug out my stylus and Wacom tablet and am officially tossing my hat in the ring for commissions.

I’ve been doing commissions on the down-low since June, but now I’ve opened up shop!

I’m offering my services to authors looking to punch up their promotional swag for con season. Everyone gets tired of the same ol’, same ol’. Take it from an author who knows. Everyone wants something they can’t get everywhere else.

Need something a little special to spice up a blog tour? I’ve got you covered! Humans are visual creatures. And let’s get the conversation rolling!

Need postcards? Trading cards? Banners? Posters? Hit me up. I have several pieces making their premiere at GRL 2016 that I cannot reveal as of yet. But have a few pieces I’ve created for myself!

How about a fluffy-haired post-apocalyptic hero?


Or a mangy dog of a love interest?


Or…Murder Husbands?

Or perhaps you need something toothrottingly cute?

Something sassy?

Taylor Loves Peeps!

Or just something that makes you go awwwwww


Like what you see? For more examples and my price list, check it out here!

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