New Stops on the Urban Fairy Tale Blog Tour!

Hello, Internet! I’ve got some amazing new stops for you on the Urban Fairy Tale tour! So let’s catch up! First and foremost, in case you missed it, I was on Jeff and Will’s Big Gay Fiction Podcast chatting about GayRomLit and my love of insane TV shows. Of course, I didn’t make a¬†complete¬†idiot of…

Origins of a Fairy Tale at The Novel Approach!

Hello, Internet! The Urban Fairy Tale blog tour is now underway kicking off at The Novel Approach! Join me as I talk about just where did this idea for a cracked out fractured fairy tale come from? Also check out some exclusive artwork by yours truly! See you there!

Viva La France! Lex Chase Translations!

Hello, Internet! Well, do I have news! In yet another hum-drum night in my writing cave, I got the notice that the entirety of Checkmate as well as the Screw-up Princess and Skillful Huntsman Trilogy are being translated into French with Reines-Beaux Press! That includes: Cashing the Reality Check Conventional Love Miracle in Axis City…

After all this time #ItsStillBeautiful

Hello, Internet! This week is a special time for Fannibals as we celebrate #ItsStillBeautiful! Organized by Hannibal Cre-ATE-ive on Tumblr, fans are joining with fanart, fanfic, and other fan works commemorating the series finale of Bryan Fuller’s brilliant series Hannibal. Fuller’s spin on the Hannibal Lecter mythos introduced a complex gay love story with two…

Author of the Month at Divine Magazine!

Hello, Internet! Today I’m over at Divine Magazine as Author of the Month! Want to know more about my writing process? (Omg! Longhand? Seriously!) Or what makes me tick? Do I really want to start a cult? Read on and see!