[Flash Fiction Friday] M.D. Grimm with Anachronistic Eggs


Hello, Internet! Welcome to Flash Fiction Friday! Today, M.D. Grimm drops by with Anachronistic Eggs. Roddy makes a peculiar discovery in the cornfield. What could be in the eggs? And what would his husband say?

Anachronistic Eggs

by M.D. Grimm

Roderick—known to his friends as Roddy—scratched his head, puzzled at what suddenly appeared in his cornfield overnight. He hadn’t heard or seen anything last night, but this morning a surprise awaited him nonetheless. It wasn’t a crop circle, which he could have accepted. No, the objects sitting in a perfect circle of charred earth were the last things he ever thought to see, and he couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

Eggs. The objects were eggs. There were three of them and they leaned against each other in a tight cluster. But they weren’t like any eggs he had ever seen. They were bigger than ostrich eggs and their colors were… disconcerting. They shimmered blue and gold and silver, each egg having a different pattern or dominant color.

How long he stood there, he didn’t know, but finally Roddy gathered his wits and knelt beside the eggs. He reached out cautiously and lightly touched one with his fingers. The surface was rough and pitted, but warm, as if a heater sat inside. They were all like that. He didn’t feel any odd sensation after touching them, so he hoped they weren’t radioactive or deadly in any other way. Swallowing hard, Roddy carefully picked one up, surprised at how light it actually was. Given the size, he expected them to have the weight and density of a rock.

It took some time but he finally managed to carry all three back to his farmhouse. He sat them on the kitchen table. It was a good thing his partner and spouse, Luke, wouldn’t be back from his business trip until next week. Roddy needed time to wrap his own mind around the eggs’ sudden appearance, and Luke wasn’t one for flights of fancy. He was a stick in the mud but Roddy appreciated his practical nature, especially since Roddy often lost himself in his own head at times. In fact, Roddy had a sneaking suspicion of what the eggs might be, but it was out of the realm of reality and into the high fantasy.

Roddy touched the eggs again and became distressed when he realized they were cooling down, becoming cold. He didn’t know why, but he knew they couldn’t get cold. It was essential they stay warm. Roddy quickly stoked the fire in the fireplace and without a second’s thought, he placed the eggs right into the flames. The colors shimmered and danced, memorizing him. Then one of the eggs moved. Ever so slightly, the egg nearest him trembled and jerked once, then fell still. Roddy got the impression that the egg seemed it be settling more comfortably in the fire, like one does after stepping into a hot tub—there’s a moment of discomfort, then a soothing slide.

He wanted to spend more time with the eggs, oddly reluctant to leave them. But he had a business to run and his workers would be here any minute. He made sure the fire was built strong before leaving them, knowing he would check on them within the hour.

It was the day of Luke’s return home and Roddy didn’t know what he was going to tell his spouse. The eggs had stayed in the fireplace all week, and lately they had all begun to move and tremble, as if whatever was inside was trying to find a way out. Roddy wondered why he wasn’t scared. He was more excited and anticipatory than anything. What if it was an alien lifeform come to subjugate or devour the Earth? Even that thought never swayed him from his mission. He knew he’d become obsessed and he couldn’t care less.

Wouldn’t Luke be surprised? Roddy winced. Luke would be pissed off and might call the authorities. What was he going to do?

Roddy stood up from the fireplace when he heard Luke’s car pull into the driveway. Taking a deep breath, he turned his back on the shaking eggs—that were clearly about to hatch—and went out to greet his spouse. But even as he reached the door, Luke opened it and smiled.

“Thank God I’m home. Don’t ever let me do that again.”

Roddy grinned. “Please. You love it. You know you do.”


An explosive crack behind Roddy had both men jumping. Roddy spun around and gasped.

All three eggs shattered, the pieces flying everywhere. Luke and Roddy had to duck to avoid the shrapnel. Roddy’s gaze never wavered from the fireplace as his own suspicions were confirmed.

The creatures stumbled out of the fireplace, spreading ash and embers along the living room carpet. They bumped into each other, unable to walk straight, and their cries were almost like those of lambs. Big iridescent eyes shimmered, half blind, trying to focus on their surroundings. Each had its own color—blue, gold, and silver. Leathery wings were still curled tightly along their backs, indicating they still had some developing to do. But their black claws, sharp teeth, and wicked tails were present and currently causing a mess in the room.

Even as Luke fainted, crumbling to the floor, Roddy knelt down and called to them. He’d spoken to them all week long and it seemed to have paid off. As one they came, eagerly and with happy gaits, almost like prances. They regarded him as their mother and he realized he loved them immensely, as if they were his own blood.

Roddy rubbed them all, recieving happy coos and croaks for his efforts. They licked him and cuddled close, but soon began to whine for food.

“Shit,” he said. “How am I going to feed you? I suspect you three could each eat a cow.”

They cooed in response, gazing at him with loving and trusting eyes.

Roddy sighed. “How the hell am I going to raise three dragons in the 21st Century?”


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