At The Movies with Lex Chase: Zootopia


Hello, Internet! As my weekly Facebook check-ins indicate, I watch a lot of movies. So much I have to budget for IMAX 3D tickets. And today, I’m talking about Disney’s Zootopia AKA Breaking Baaa-aaaa-aaad.

The premise of Zootopia is we meet Officer Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin), a sweet bunny who’s a little left of center. She’s determined to protect and serve the “mean” candy-colored streets as a part of the Zootopia PD. She’s resourceful, full of ideals, and has an iron-clad sense of right and wrong.

Credit: Byron Howard

She’s sent into a cotton-tail spin when she meets sly, hustling, fox Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman). He’s sleazy, cool, and….sorry. Can we back it up about his character design?

Credit: Tumblr

Look familiar? Yaaaassss.

They are stuck together by way of blackmail and must solve an impossible case involving drugs, class, and prejudice.

This is some majorly hard-hitting topics amidst the vomit of Baskin-Robbins amazing world building.

Tommy Chong makes appearance as a stoner yak. Seriously. It is that movie.

Not to mention Zootopia’s beloved pop idol Gazelle—who’s a gazelle. Because. Clever. And voiced by Shakira because she clearly had to pay the rent. She gives us the most infectious theme “Try Everything” and will be guaranteed to be wedged in your head. It’s high time after many moons we bid adieu to a certain iconic anthem and let it go.


Zootopia is surprisingly self-aware. Pokes fun at itself without taking viewers out of the story, but makes no bones they are a part of a Disney movie.

There’s bright colors and an encouraging message for the little ones that you can be anything. And then there’s the highly adult humor brought to you by the most hilarious sick fucks in the Disney animation department. After all these years, they get parents. If you’re going to sit through 90 minutes of talking animals because your kids begged you, then by god, Disney delivers on a Breaking Bad reference and how.

I was initially hesitant to see this film, which meant I would have been there opening day anyway. Zootopia tapped right into the beating heart of Furry culture without making it awkward to the rest of us. Remember kids, just because you’re not down with something, don’t be a dick about someone else’s loves.

At the end of the day Zootopia…

Credit: Fanpop
Credit: Fanpop

(Obligatory Lost Pic)
(Wait. No.)

Zootopia is…

Credit: AMC
Credit: AMC

If you grew up with the STARTLING attractiveness of Disney’s Robin Hood, which as grown adults, we look back fondly for how innocent we were.

But you will look upon Judy and Nick and think…

Credit: Imgur

And feel incredibly AWKWARD in the best way.

Invoking Rule #34 Of Fandom: If it exists, there’s a porn version of it.


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