Scale Tales: Don’t Forget to Track!


Hello, Internet! How we doin’? How we doin’? It’s another week of Scale Tales! Woot!

Let’s get the bad news out of the way. I seem to be flipping trapped in a damned holding pattern about dropping weight. AUGH. The fantastic news I guess is I’m down 0.2 tenths of a pound? Yay? At least it’s something! When I started this adventure I was at 246, now I’m 239.4! Well. It’s moving. Very, very, very slowly.  It’s not a race, y’know? Though anyone that knows me I move faster than the speed of sound.

The good news and today’s topic, the bane of my existence, tracking food. As I reported two weeks ago in this post, I resolved to write down what I ate, every day, without fail. I used a cute pad of paper I picked up for a buck at Target (Target and I are in A Relationship) and jotted down with a pen, and called it a day.

Well, save one day I didn’t due to my deadly dentist appointment that left me feeling like I had been punched in the face, I am happy to report success!

Trends I noticed is I go through phases of I drink too little water. I’m supposed to drink more than average because of a particular medication I’m on. But I get so laser focused I forget to get my ass out of my chair. I also take thirst cues as hunger cues. Because there’s days I snacked like crazy. And there’s days I had second breakfast, and second dinner.

I’ve had some upheaval in my life that I’ve been largely kept off the Internet, and it’s going to stay off the Internet. I’ve long recognized when a situation is out of my control, I am an insane emotional eater. Barring that, if I successfully talk myself out of running to a bucket of Haagen Dazs, which is a highly stressful thirty-minute battle of wills, I clean.

Obsessively clean.

One of my coping mechanisms when a situation is out of my control, my environment is the one thing I can. The chaos outside reflects the chaos inside and all that. And because my brain was pretty much rendered useless for making words, I had to email my Big Boss at Dreamspinner to keep her in the loop.

My brain pretty much shut off and I emotionally shut down. And anyone that wandered in my path did not get the Happy, Perky Lex that everyone sees every day. They got the Lex that straight up tells them where the bear shits with reality checks.

But the one thing? The one thing? That was stable, and never changed? Tracking. Even when I was out of control, I was mentally in control of my tiny pad of cute paper, and my pen nearby. And I eventually crawled out of my hole.

So Step Two of tracking? Now on top of tracking, we’re going to count calories. And we’re going to see where that takes us. Tune in two weeks from now where I report the findings. It’s bound to be…enlightening.

So you tell me! What’s your go-to tactic when an unexpected crisis pops up? What is the one thing that keeps you stable and safe when it’s all going to hell in a hand basket? Comment here or on Facebook and you yes you may walk away with a $5 USD Dreamspinner Gift Certificate! Aaaaawwww yaaaaassss!

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