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Hello, Internet! Welcome back to Scale Tales! Holy crap. I’ve really kept this up for a month. Thank you all for reading and commenting! I can be pretty self-conscious sometimes…okay…most of the time, but your kind words have really gotten me through some tough spots! When people comment this is what they needed to hear today, I’m overjoyed I could help someone.

Now. The topic of the day. Tracking.



Augh. Augh. Augh!

For those of you that don’t know what that is, in Weight Watchers lingo it means recording everything you eat for the day. That includes calculating Weight Watchers Points values. And you being A: shocked that you haven’t eaten enough in your day. Or B: horrified because you ate what you shouldn’t have and now you have no room for dinner.

If you’re diligent, it’s easy. If you’re like me, it’s work.

If it feels like work, I hate it on principle. Am I right or what?

I quit Weight Watchers last year, which may or may not have led to my predicament. But truth be told, I’ve even been up and down the scale while on the program as well. Part of it, I was a horrible tracker. If I could wiggle my way out of tracking I would in three seconds.

But just because I’ve quit doesn’t mean I’ve lost years of knowledge. (And I do mean years.) I have all the tools. I just have to use them.

When the New Year started, I had written in my planner to track my food for two weeks. I could do two weeks. I have the S Health app on my Droid. No sweat. I didn’t do it. And when I resolved to try again, I still didn’t. What was wrong? Why was this so difficult? The answer was right in front of me as I skimmed Twitter.

My phone.

I am hopelessly addicted to my phone. I would go to do something I actually needed to do, and then find myself on Twitter, Tumblr, or scrolling through Facebook. My phone is shiny and distracting. My phone in making other things super convenient, made tracking my food incredibly inconvenient.

So, I started writing it all down. Physically. With a pen, and on a notepad of cute paper. It only takes less than a minute, and I remember a lot easier of what I ate instead of “what brand was this? how many points?”

I write down what it was, how much of it I had, and that’s it. That’s all there is to it. I even write down how much water I drank. No calories, fat grams, sugars, Points. It’s that simple. If I take a bite out of it, I write it down. Right now, it’s to get a baseline of my regular eating habits. Also it serves me well to know what my biggest meals of the day are. Also my trends. I eat a PB and J nearly every morning because it’s easy and convenient. But I should really be eating something more substantial.

So. Do you have trouble writing things down? You have no problem making grocery lists on scraps of paper, why can’t you swing this one simple thing?

Pick yourself up a cute pad of paper. Might I recommend the dollar section at Target? Because Target amirite? And a cute pen if it makes you happy. Writing things down shouldn’t have to fill you with dread. If you can jot down a story idea on a Post-It, you got this.

So, I am giving it an honest go in tracking my food for two weeks to start out. And on the 17th, I’ll report how it went. I encourage you to try! Start small if it seems to daunting. Way small. Just track how much liquid you drink in a day. Water? Coffee? Soda? Write those down!

Let’s compare notes next week, okay? Say it with me: Bite it? Write It!

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