Scale Tales: Watch Life Bloom

Hello, Internet! Welcome to this week’s edition of Scale Tales! Quick. Stop what you’re doing. Hold the freaking phone.

Last week I talked about the frustration of the scale not budging for three weeks of starting this adventure. I was at my breaking point yesterday that I was so irritated I wanted a burger in the worst way. I haven’t wanted one in months. And all of a sudden, my brain said “What the hell. I want one. It doesn’t matter.” Like in all of my perky positivity in this column, it felt like I was almost living a lie for the last three weeks. Encouraging others without feeling the slightest bit encouraged myself.

But as I was sitting in my car, where I honestly do have this photo clipped to my visor:

I had this photo in my hand and I texted C.S. Poe telling her I wanted a burger. All she says is “Be good.” And that was all she needed to say. I remembered I was getting on the scale the next day. I felt determined for the scale less than cheap McDonald’s. So no burger!

Not only no burger, drum roll please…. I dropped five pounds! Like my body finally decided to cooperate! Like BAM. Gone.

And I got to thinking about it, more like a follow-up to feeling frustrated. But there’s another part to this. Not just the frustration of not seeing results as fast as you’d like, but now the overwhelming feeling of “OMG this is my life now? I have to give up Coke? NO WAY!” It’s sticking with it even through the tough patches.

But even sticking to your healthier choices can get frustrating and holy crap annoying. You’re stuck with a bland salad while everyone around you is having that death by chocolate cake. Healthier choices don’t have to be bland or boring! Might I recommend Laaloosh or Hungry Girl also Sodium Girl?

So, my thought of the day is you can’t grow grass where you haven’t planted any. What do I mean? You need to be patient with yourself. And yeah, it requires a bit of leg work to find what you like. When I go grocery shopping I buy a single item I never tried before. I bought a prickly pear once, then a persimmon, and then a pomegranate. I would get home and ask Google “How do I cook with this?” I discovered very late in the game pomegranates are amazing. I discovered prickly pear is especially good in a vinaigrette. My persimmon turned before I could use it. Crap!

Think about it this way. You’re not seeing a number you like on the scale, or a number at all. You are more than that. You are a mere seed, with some patience, self-care, and acknowledgement of your goals, you will bloom.

It’s in my nature to be compassionate with others and want to solve the world’s problems. I rarely take time for myself. I always have to be doing something that serves a purpose. But I never seem to understand taking care of myself also serves a purpose. It’s impossible to be compassionate when you don’t have it in you to be sincere about it.

My editors understand my health comes first and I refuse to fall into a deep, dark pit of working myself to the bone and compromising my health because of it. Why on earth would you put your career before your own needs? The answer is not “Well. I can’t and that’s how it is.” No. That’s only that way because you think it needs to be.

I challenge you to do something for yourself. It could be something as simple as just going outside for five whole minutes, taking a long hot shower, watch cute YouTube videos about kittens, puppies, or hedgehogs, or chatting with a friend.

You are a seed, and you need to nourish your own soil. It’s not a matter of if you’ll bloom.

You will bloom.


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