Get Some Assembly Required At 30% Off!

Hey, Internet! Looking for the perfect meet-cute for a dreary winter day? Dreamspinner is having a 30% off sale until January 31st! And that includes pre-orders on Some Assembly Required!

My partner-in-crime Bru Baker and I went on a crazy trip about two dead guys meeting in a Big Box furniture store in the afterlife. So welcome to CASA, where people are dying to get out, but some people wander the halls for all eternity.

Have one of my favorite scenes from Guardians of the Galaxy that inspired one of our main characters, the snarky jackass Patrick Bryant.

But Wait There’s More!

Also my second home DSP Publications is having a 30% off sale until the 31st! That means my superhero dramadey anthology Checkmate Ever After and pre-orders of my high fantasy paranormal Chasing Sunrise!

Laugh and cheer with the double-fisted justice in Checkmate Ever After, and desperately cling to fragile hope to conquer the demons within ourselves in Chasing Sunrise.

Don’t forget about the Checkmate Ever After freebie, What The Water Gave Me. A somber story commemorating the Day of Silence where we learn even superheroes fail.

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