Two New Fairy Tales of the Open Road Teas!

Hello, Internet! I am pleased to announce Tumblr user A Quick Drink has released two new Fairy Tales of the Open Road teas from Adagio Teas! Back in October, A Quick Drink created the Taylor and Corentin teas just out of love for the series. Completely unprompted, and nervous as all get out if I’d like them. I love them! We traded ideas and I have made her the official tea maker for the boys. 😀

So presenting everyone’s favorite tormented and chaotic couple, Atticus and Idi!

Atticus by DC
Idi by DC

And don’t forget about everyone’s snarky jackasses, Taylor and Corentin!

Taylor by DC
Corentin by DC

Get the entire collection here!

I have the best damn fans. You guys make my day bright and worth every word I bleed, cry, and laugh at. There’s some days I doubt myself and wonder what I’m doing. And then there’s days like these when readers make something awesome because my stories have affected them. From tea, to little hand sewn dolls, to fanfic, and to cosplay.

Thank you! I wanna hear you roar my Sleeping Dragons, shine on my Precious Snowflakes, kick ass my Axis City Supes, and chase your dreams my Sunrises!

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