Scale Tales: Eggs-traordinary Adventures

Hello, Internet! And welcome back to this week’s Scale Tales.

As I mentioned in passing, one of my goals is to better learn how to fry an egg. I can cook eggs just fine. But I can’t do them to the skill my mother, or my friends do. (Also my second goal is to learn how to cook pancakes. I can’t flip ’em.)

There’s an urban legend that the 100 folds in a chef’s hat is the 100 ways to cook an egg. It’s such a simple, yet integral part of cooking. And so easy to screw up. So today’s culinary breakfast adventure, I set out to try my hand at poaching eggs. Now. I can poach eggs just fine. But they never turn out pretty at all like you see on TV.

But first. Coffee.

Mmmm… Feeling the power of the Dark Side.

For Christmas, we gave my budding chef father a book called How To Boil Water. It breaks it down for beginners without making them feel stupid. Yes. There really is instructions for how to boil water. And it breaks it down for the rest of us that want to get better. You can pick it up here at Amazon!

So armed with this recipe I’m ready to give it a shot.

I love how it says “Don’t panic!”

First thing’s first. Get a skillet and bring the water juuuuuust to a simmer.

Yup. Simmering.

Add the eggs.




And cook.

And cook some more.

Damn these things take a while. I made toast, and picked up the kitchen. As I waited forever for my eggs to look like the picture.

Ah! Done!


“But wait!” you cry. “Lex? Wasn’t there two eggs?”

And I say…eh. Details. Meanwhile, just ignore this photo.


While my singular egg was quite delicious (and just a smidge overcooked) my reject egg was waaaaaay overcooked. I have issues with eggs not looking quite done. So I cook the poor bastards to death.

But you know, you have to break a few dozen eggs to reach perfection. I’m more of a might as well take a bomb to a hatchery to reach perfection.

One of the tips I learned in life is to set up small attainable goals as you work toward the big end game goal. Dream big! Now how do you get there? Make a map. Find the star to steer your ship.

It’s such a little thing, but I want to learn how to cook eggs. It seems so insignificant, but it isn’t at all. Perfecting eggs is another step in boosting confidence. Like hey! I can make eggs! What else can I do? Yesterday, I walked six miles. How? Just by parking my car in the furthest spot in the lot possible, lapping the lot, and then shopping, and then doing it all over again. I didn’t need a gym. I made it work for me. Now if I can make working in gasp exercise work, I know I can make eggs work.

I got this.

So what about you? What is the smallest, tiniest, itty-bitty thing that you could never get quite right, but want to get better at doing? Don’t know what that is? Start today. Make a list of five things you wish you were better at doing. The smallest thing possible. The smaller the more precious, and the more delicate the work.

Maybe you wish you could say Hello and Goodbye in a foreign language better? Maybe you wish you brushed your teeth better? Maybe you wish you could boil water?

Imagine accomplishing that tiny thing. By paying such care, and grace to mastering even the smallest of tasks can give you the power to do anything.

For me, it’s mastering eggs.

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