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Sevon_Hand_BannerHello, Internet! It seems to be a week of pre-orders for me! First you can get your cracky dose of ghosts finding love in a furniture superstore with Some Assembly Required, co-written by the lovely Bru Baker and myself. And now you can get your hands on the DSP Publications re-release of Chasing Sunrise!

Chasing Sunrise has been a labor of many years, lots of love, fears, and ultimately hope. Originally released with Dreamspinner Press, the 2nd Edition has been heavily re-edited, new material, new content, and yes… a different ending.

It is the story of an effeminate young man who covers himself with women’s finery to keep out the abuse from the outside. He happens to be a king, a cannibal, and our hero. And if you haven’t seen it yet, head on over to the cosplay section to see Mae Wynn Talley transformed into the lovely Sevon himself.

I’ll be revealing the new cover this Friday, but for now, how about the blurb and a little treat to get things rolling.

Chasing Sunrise: Blurb

The once glorious aisa kingdom of Darkmore lies in ruins, and King Sevon Maraté is trapped. Sevon endures unrelenting abuse and is used as a scapegoat by Lord Dominic Ravensgrove, who rules Darkmore from the shadows. Coping by dressing in gowns and jewels, the effeminate king relishes the scraps of freedom he is given to be himself.

As a verkolai, Sevon possesses the ability to part the Veil separating his world from hundreds of others. His gift provides a chance for escape, but Dominic refuses to relinquish his tool for power. When Dominic forges an ambitious plan to invade the prosperous shifter land of Priagust, he manipulates Sevon’s desperation for his people’s survival. Out of options, Sevon has no choice but to cooperate.

On their foray into Priagust, Dominic’s men abduct a shifter named Jack. Despite being tortured for information, Jack’s loyalty to his kind never wavers. But Jack’s knowledge about Darkmore’s history unsettles Sevon, and a curious bond begins to form. Despite Sevon’s mistrust, Jack is determined to tame the beautiful king’s wild heart and perhaps earn his freedom.

As war looms, Sevon fears Jack’s kindness is another trap. Conflicted, Sevon wonders if he should risk chasing the sunrise or remain Dominic’s compliant prisoner.

Read Chapter One Here!

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