Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year, Internet! What a year it’s been. Hella stressful, but mostly good! Here’s a look back on the greatest hits and what you can expect for the coming year.

Looking Back

DSPP_FacebookIn December 2014, I signed on with DSP Publications. It was exciting, yet terrifying all at once. All of my books got postponed for the following year, and my first release Checkmate Ever After with DSP Publications came out a year later. Almost to the day I signed on.

All of Darkmore Saga got postponed until 2016/2017. Chasing Sunrise* is re-releasing in April, and Glass Moon for the first time in October, and then Star Fall at long last in 2017. It’s a good thing too. This series is proving next to impossible to write. And readers have come to know me for writing quirky, fun books that also hit you right in the feels. But when Darkmore Saga is over, I’ll be glad it’s done. It’s a series of completely falling apart, and putting ourselves back together again. About digging deep into our fears and defeating them. My fear is not getting the series right. But my goal is to ultimately help people with the message wrapped up in the high fantasy setting about a guy in a pretty dress. I want people to understand: “I see you. I get it. It’s all going to be okay.”

*Heads up about Chasing Sunrise. It may be a re-release, but it’s heavily edited. And I changed the ending. Yes. Because I didn’t like Sevon dropping one line in the original that basically negated the entire plot. I’m amazed no one noticed.

Because of everything moving, this was my year of a fuckton of behind the scenes work and zero releases until the last three months of the year. I thought I’d make a whopping $0.00 dollars in royalties this year, I was impressed that I made a little bit. Not a lot, but some.

In December this year, I won a Rainbow Award. Fuck yeah! Only Americana Fairy Tale qualified at the time, and I sent it off thinking I didn’t have a hope in hell. I was shocked that I made First Runner-Up in Gay Fantasy and I was #8 for Top 10 Best Gay Books of 2015. Like. I was shaking when I got the news.

This October and December saw the releases of Checkmate Ever After, Bayou Fairy Tale, and Loving and Loathing Vegas. Also for Bayou, I learned yesterday I was nominated for the M/M Romance Member’s Choice Awards for Best Fantasy and Best Established Couple. I’m deeply honored and equal parts shocked because I just keep my head down and keep working away. I’m excited people love Taylor and Corentin as much as I do. They’re such dumbbutts but I love them.


I wrote The End on Taylor and Corentin’s story with Urban Fairy Tale this October. I cried at the final line. I still can’t think about it without my eyes stinging. I likewise cried myself to sleep. I hope it has the same impact on readers as it did on me.

I finished out this year with a total of 195,050 words in 2015.

Somehow at the end of 2015, I acquired a girlfriend. Level up! I really don’t know how it happened. But I like her a bunch. She likes me a bunch. And we endlessly nerd out about our fuzzy mew babies.

Looking Ahead

Chris Pratt as Patrick Bryant of Some Assembly RequiredSome Assembly Required is set to release on February 8th. I co-wrote it with Bru Baker and it’s about two dead guys that meet in the afterlife and fall in love all the while haunting an IKEA purgatory. For legal reasons, we had to change the name of IKEA to CASA. We still hope people enjoy the crack just as much. And one of the main guys looks like Chris Pratt. There are worse things in the world.

Likewise, I’ve been very public about my struggle with my weight. I get these lofty ideals, and then promptly fall off the wagon. I have a motto that I want to go from a Fat Author to a Fit Author. I don’t want to be the stereotypical author. Expect me to talk more about it.

Also I plan to make a hell of a lot more words.

Thank you for joining my world. It’s a little weird, a lot of wtfery, and a dizzying roller coaster.

And we’re just getting started.

Happy New Year, Internet.  

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