POW! Checkmate Ever After Is Here!

 Hello, Internet! The wait is over! Checkmate Ever After is here and ready for your public consumption!

Today, I’m hanging out at Joyfully Jay with a little release day fun! I answer the burning question that all authors and readers wonder “Who am I?” Join me as I own up to being a quirky writer. Also I drop a hint or two of what I have in the works down the road. See if you can spot them! Also at Jay’s place I’m having an extra special giveaway just for Christmas!

The Checkmate Ever After Blog Tour drew to a close over at Gaylist Book Reviews with a wrap-up of some superheroic munchies. I know I need some holiday eats.

Previously, I was at The Novel Approach for Genre Talk where I discussed why LGBT representation in comic books is a tricky thing. Over at Anne Barwell’s place, I was discussing of all character types, why superheroes? And at Aidee Ladnier’s place, I was chatting about why comedy and I ruin Titanic for everyone and confirm I can never have nice things.

I want to thank everyone that has pre-ordered a copy, or has gotten super excited about it, or tweeted, shared, cross-posted, rebloged, faved, and the whole bit!

I never expected the series to get the second life it did, and I’m excited for people to be discovering it for the first time. I wrote the first Checkmate novella, Pawn Takes Rook, in December of 2011. I sat on it for almost a year before submitting it to Dreamspinner Press on a lark. For context, I wrote the very first draft of Americana Fairy Tale in July of 2011. Shows how long that idea has been around.

Over the course of two years, Checkmate had been that odd little series no one knew what to make of it. For those that hopped on the Lex Chase Crack Train at the beginning, thanks for sticking with me and being my biggest cheerleaders. For those that are just now getting on the Crack Train, welcome and hang on tight.

Welcome new readers to the series that started it all. Welcome back heroes and meet Rook and Garth in a whole new way.

Welcome to Axis City.

Genre: Sci-Fi Superhero Comedy
Length: Novel Anthology
Published: December 15, 2015
Publisher: DSP Publications
ISBN: 978-1-63476-462-9


2nd Edition (Books One – Three)

The day disgraced superhero Memphis Rook literally fell into Hogarth Dawson’s lap, you could say it was fate. But the brawny Rook did nearly crush Garth’s pancreas. What started as two ships passing in the night ended on the weirdest adventure of their lives. Together, Rook and Garth form Checkmate, a daring super duo that keeps Axis City safe from a rogue’s gallery of nefarious villains, dastardly masterminds, and a coalition of calamity. Fighting evil wherever it appears—from reality shows to comic book conventions—Checkmate serves up knuckle sandwiches of justice. But by day, they’re a couple of broke losers who can barely afford a burger and navigating a weird thing called a relationship. Ain’t true love grand? Rook and Garth may be in over their heads, and even super heroes fail sometimes, but they’re ready to take a stand when no one else will. Don’t hate the players, because Checkmate owns the game.

1st Edition of Pawn Takes Rook published by Dreamspinner Press, 2013.

1st Edition of Cashing the Reality Check published by Dreamspinner Press, 2013.

1st Edition of Conventional Love published by Dreamspinner Press, 2014.

And the all new fourth novella Miracle in Axis City and bonus short What The Water Gave Me, exclusive to the anthology!

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