New Release! Loving and Loathing Vegas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Internet! The wait is over! Loving and Loathing Vegas is now available to purchase for your lovely little Kindles and tablets!

Loving and Loathing Vegas is one of the few paranormal stories included in the Dreamspinner Press 2015 Advent Calendar, and I’m honored to be among them. Everyone needs a little literal holiday magic. What’s it about? Have the blurb!

Jackson has loved Vegas since God created Man, literally. As demonic incubi hailing from the Seventh Circle of Hell, Jackson and Vegas have never been anything more than roommates. Now living among humans, they run Eaven, a TripAdvisor recommended detour-worthy diner famous for their devilishly decadent pies. Business is dead on the holidays, and Jackson will gleefully stab himself with a spatula if he has to clean spotless pots and pans one more time.

For fun—or torture—Vegas makes him a bet that should Jackson win, they take a much needed vacation. Should he lose, he’s doomed to clean out grease traps for all eternity. When the challenge is to fall in love with other people by Christmas, it proves Vegas isn’t the least bit interested. But when they find an abandoned baby in the trash, she could be the Christmas miracle to warm Jackson’s cynical heart.

Included in the Dreamspinner 2015 Advent Calendar package, if you didn’t get the package you can still pick it up individually.

Click here to get your copy!

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