Darkmore Saga Flash Fic at the DSP Blog!

ChasingSunrise_FBbanner_DSPHello Internet! As we’re all gearing up for Halloween, I have a little spooky story to share with you over on the Dreamspinner Press blog! As a part of the Bugs and Hisses flash fic event, Dreamspinner authors have written tingling tales of ghost and goblins, the mischief of those that go bump in the night, and for me…A tale about the people who do.

Join me this Halloween week as Sevon and Jack of Chasing Sunrise find love on the carnival midway but something else my find them.

Do you dare to click and find out over here on the Dreamspinner Press Blog!

There’s the trick, how about a treat? You can get Chasing Sunrise now through October 31st for a whole 3 bucks!

Still not convinced? Check out the blurb!

The broken kingdom Darkmore exists behind the Veil and beyond human perception, home to the cannibalistic aisa and ruled by the beautiful and effeminate King Sevon Maraté. Years of tyranny and abuse have left Darkmore’s king a shattered man, and Sevon’s fragile hope lies his ungati lover, Jack. Together they fight not only to preserve the worlds beyond the Veil, but to protect their minds and hearts from pain of the past. Sevon has been called many things. Puppet. Trash. Dog. But he must face the most terrifying of all epithets: savior.

Buy now at Dreamspinner Press!

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