Fan Squee! Fairy Tales of the Open Road Tea!

So there I am, just chilling this morning checking my email and I discover Tumblr user a-quick-drink made fandom tea blends at Adagio Teas for Fairy Tales of the Open Road! I gasped so loud my Mom thought I stabbed myself on something.


Look at these labels! So lovely!

Corentin by DC
Taylor by DC
There’s just Taylor and Corentin for now, and Taylor is sadly out of stock. But more will be coming!

Want some?

Buy Here at Adagio Teas!

I’m always floored by my readers. You guys are just the best. And I fail on every point of being the Super Chill, Cool, Calm, and Collected Author. I’m just as much of an awkward turtle as anyone else. So forgive me for shattering your illusions of me being some picture of grace. I trip over my own shadow guys.

You know you’ve made it when someone makes fandom tea for your books! #LifeGoals!

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