Get Pawn Takes Rook In French!

Hello, Internet! It is my great pleasure to announce you may now pick up Pawn Takes Rook (or Quand le Pion prend la Tour) in French from Reines-Beaux Press!

The entire series has been contracted for translation, so I’m excited to see where this goes! Right now #LexBeLike…


Regrettably, I do not speak a lick of French. Though I’m very curious at how the American pop culture references were translated! And I kept track of them all. I even had a contest about it.

So to all my lovely French readers out there picking up the book, I look forward to your thoughts!

You can pick up it up here at Reines-Beaux Press or at Amazon and for you international buyers!

Now I have to learn now to say the French title without botching it. I already had to look up how to spell it twenty times. Please forgive this uncultured American!

For my US readers, in preparation for the Checkmate Ever After paperback release with DSP Publications, the Checkmate series is no longer available through Dreamspinner Press. Don’t worry! You’ll be seeing it soon! Mark your calendars for December 15th! Christmas is coming with two-fisted justice!


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