Pre-Order Bayou Fairy Tale Now!

Hello, Internet! It’s official! Bayou Fairy Tale is finally here and available for pre-order from Dreamspinner Press!

I’m over at Sinfully…Addicted to All Male Romance with an exclusive cover reveal and excerpt. You don’t want to miss that! Check it ouuuuut!

Have the Official Blurb:

Modern day fairy tale princess Taylor Hatfield has problems. One: he’s a guy. Two: he’s Sleeping Beauty, the most useless princess in existence. Throw in his true love, Corentin Devereaux, a huntsman descended from child-eating witches, and Taylor’s younger brother, Atticus—this generation’s Snow White—who tried to kill him. That didn’t go so hot.

For two years, Taylor and Corentin live their Happily Ever After. But Corentin’s cursed to lose his memory every seven days, including his life with Taylor—a painful reminder that he can’t provide for the man he loves. Taylor insists Corentin has the strength to succeed, and when Taylor discovers a way to break the curse, he is more than willing to pay the cost.

When an enchanted blizzard devastates Corentin’s hometown of New Orleans, Taylor is convinced Atticus is to blame and grows desperate to find him amidst the Big Easy turned frozen wasteland. Corentin believes Taylor is chasing a ghost while he chases the ghosts of his own past. Old tensions scratch open scars, leaving both to wonder if they have each other’s best interests at heart. The clock is ticking until Corentin loses his memory, and the rabbit hole goes so deep they may never come out.

This book has been a long time coming! I started writing it just before last year’s GayRomLit in October, and now a year later it’ll be here October 19th! When everyone will be getting back from GRL and have a GRL hangover.

I will not be at GRL this year due to budget issues and timing of things. I deeply apologize to everyone that wanted to meet me and chat about our favorite Enchants! I’m very humbled that readers actually wanted to meet me. You guys are the best!

I would like to extend the offer to anyone that desperately wanted to get their copies of Americana Fairy Tale and Bayou Fairy Tale signed, I will happily drop a signed bookplate in the mail for you. You will get three of them. Because you’ll need an extra for Urban Fairy Tale. Just sayin. 

Just drop me a line at with “Bookplate Request” in the header and I’ll get you all set.

Get your copy today and buckle up your seat belts because you can’t find Happily Ever After with GPS.

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