Celebrate The Holidays With A New Contract!

Ho, ho, ho, Internet!

Now that the ink has dried, I am pleased to announce my story Loving and Loathing Vegas will be a part of the Dreamspinner Press 2015 Advent Calendar!

This will mark my own milestone of my 10th story with Dreamspinner Press! And when I think back, if you told me I’d be a published author with other people reading my quirky stories I’d say “Nice idea, but you’re bonkers!”

Now here I am, with a Christmas story no less! And this one stands to be my oddest little tale yet.

Loving and Loathing Vegas tells the tale of best friends and longtime roommates Jackson and Vegas. Both of them incubi hailing from the Seventh Circle of Hell, they now live among humans and run a diner in a one stoplight town. All Jackson longs to tell Vegas how he feels, but his pride gets in the way.

One night, when the pair find an abandoned baby in the trash, what ensues is a massive trial by fire of uncontrollable crying, going potty at really inconvenient moments, and adorable coos that will warm the cold, dead heart of the most evil demon.

Sex Demons. Babies. And Damned Good Pie.

You ain’t never seen a Christmas Carol like this.

Look for it at Dreamspinner Press on December 1st!

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