On The Menu This Week

Hello Internet. I know what you’re saying. Where’s my Lex Chase Flash Fic? Where’s my snippet of Works in Progress?

I got nutin’ for you this week. I’m currently working on a book about this joker…

So right now you guys get nothing. Because I have seeeeekrits. Sorry!

But fear not beloveds! Get ready, because this October, Bayou Fairy Tale will be in your hot little hands. Taylor! Corentin! Ringo! Epic snark and badassery! And some new faces to go along with the crew.

Now for this week? On Wednesday, I got the latest coming at you on the Do The Shit Out Of This series with tips for planning stories. If you’ve never planned a story, or the shit makes you turn tail and hide, you’ll want to check that out. Previous posts you can find here with learning how to prioritize, and then part two with time management.

On Thursday, check out my monthly Dreamer column over at the Dreamspinner Press Blog! Hijinks and silliness galore, and this one is pretty silly.

And Friday, I’ll have a brand-spankin-new edition of Flash Fiction Friday! Tali Spencer is dropping by, so you know it’s going to be a good one.

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