[Monday Spark] Lex Chase presents “Hard Candy”

Hello Internet! Welcome back to Monday Spark! We’re back to me doing prompts because I have stuff in the works that if I posted snippets of now it would be Spoilery McSpoilerson. Let’s just say it involves a smart-mouthed dude princess and a jackass huntsman. And I’m not even talking about Bayou Fairy Tale that’s going to hit the digital shelves this October. Mwahaahahaaa.

But have a Fairy Tales of the Open Road inspired prompt. Meet Hans and his troubled sister Gertrude. Locked away for her own safety in an Enchant mental ward, is Gertrude really the only sane one in a world gone mad?

Hard Candy: A Fairy Tales of the Open Road Short

by Lex Chase

Genre: Fractured Fairy Tale

Prompt: The ninety-three year old woman…

Hans didn’t believe a word that left his sister’s lips.

“She put me here!” Gertrude cried and spun in a maddening circle. “She put me here!” The straps of her straight jacket trailed her like whipping tails.

Hans frowned and turned his attention towards the doctor. Doctor Aspic considered his notes on the clear plastic clipboard.

“Nothing seems to have had an effect on her dementia…” he said and scanned Gertrude’s chart. “We’ve tried every possible drug therapy. I’ve never seen dementia present itself in a twenty-two year old otherwise healthy girl. She just keeps babbling about her…”

“Her who?” Hans asked in a tone of scrutiny. “Not my wife…”

Doctor Aspic nodded and pushed his glasses up on his nose. “Yes, Mister Andersen. She seems quite preoccupied with Miss Yaga…”

“The crone! The crone!” Gertrude shrieked and slapped her shoulder into the Plexiglas barrier between her and her brother. “She’s here! She can see me! She can see all of it!”

“Gertrude,” Hans growled into the intercom. “Babette is in France on business. How can she possibly be here? How can she possibly hurt you?”

“The candy! Did you eat the candy?” Gertrude squealed and spun on her socked toes.

Doctor Aspic met Hans’s gaze just as they turned towards one another.

“Candy?” Hans asked dubiously.

Doctor Aspic flipped through Gertrude’s chart again and frowned when he found the reference.

“She seems convinced she’s trapped in a gingerbread house…” he said.

“What?” Hans snapped. “What am I paying you people for?”

Doctor Aspic continued, “She seems to think Miss Babette Yaga is a ninety-three year old woman…”

“My wife is a crone?” Hans interjected then grinned. “That’s an awful lot of miraculous botox.”

Doctor Aspic chuckled. “Indeed, Mister Andersen.”

“Make her comfortable,” Hans said about his sister beyond the glass. “I’ll be back next month,” he said and popped a glossy red and white peppermint in his mouth.

Copyright © 2015 Lex Chase. All rights reserved.


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