Chasing Sunrise One Year Later


Hello, Internet! I want to thank you guys for joining me, especially this week. July 25th marks the one year anniversary Chasing Sunrise was released into the wilds. I thought I’d share some fun stuff with you guys to commemorate.

This series is special to me as a tale of one man’s survival from domestic violence. Set in a high fantasy horror context, at its core it mirrors many of my own experiences as a domestic violence survivor. Every author has “that” book. The book where they work through their issues through a safe fictional filter. The Darkmore Saga is mine, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

The Darkmore Saga has since been picked up for re-release from DSP Publications and finally readers can get their hands on the sequels Glass Moon and Star Fall. They’re coming! Promise!

It’s been great in the course of this series to watch Sevon go from a complete mess and strive to be the person everyone expects him to be and finally become the person he’s supposed to be. Hint: They’re not mutually exclusive. He’s going to go through hell to get there, and it won’t be easy, for him, for me to write, and for readers to enjoy.

I once called this series a paranormal romance, because that’s what I thought it was. Turns out it isn’t at all, but instead a high fantasy horror series. I called them vampires and shifters because I felt readers needed a shorthand reference how to get the jist. I couldn’t have been so wrong. The vampires aren’t vampires at all and the shifters aren’t what readers come to expect what shifters should be.

My dearest friend, Charlie Cochet once told me about a little series she was getting off the ground called THIRDS. You might have heard of it. ;D One of her things she mentioned about her shifter characters was only use the term they’re referred to in the book: Therians. Using the term therians instantly removed readers from the preconceived notions of what people expect in shifters.

I didn’t do that. And there was my fatal flaw. Sevon’s people are the aisa, a vast race of cannibalistic beings. Jack lives among the windigo a race of canine and lupine shifters. He himself is an ungati, a race of feline shifters. I should have said that from the start. And hell yeah “cannibals” sounds way different from “vampires” doesn’t it? Definitely establishes that they don’t freaking sparkle.

Instead, we have a king of the cannibals that wears lovely dresses…

Photo: Lex Chase | Sevon Cosplay: Mae Wynn Talley
Photo: Lex Chase | Model: Mae Wynn Talley

But that’s not all! In closing, I wanted to share a trip down memory lane. One year ago, I did a YouTube reading for the then Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews now called Sinfully Addicted to All Male Romance. Lovely people! Definitely check them out!

Enjoy the reading! And wince as I sell the book the entirely wrong way.

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