[Monday Spark] “See How He Sparkles” by Lex Chase

Hello Internet! How about this weekend, yeah? Same-sex marriage is now law of the land here in the US of A! Or as we can all call it now: marriage. I actually had to edit a line about marriage in one of my upcoming releases that mentioned the legal issue behind it. Well. Uh. Didn’t see that coming! Bless you progress! ‘MURICA!

So with the glitterbombs of happiness exploding all over the Internet, I’m bringing you something happy and glittery too. What happens when Lex Chase takes all of her boys from her various series, shoves them in a room together, and makes them kindergartners?


The Darkmore Saga’s Sevon and Jack make their entrance into the Happy Acres universe along with Ahimsa and St. John of 10-9. What happens when little Sevon just now learning about gender expression meets Ahimsa who is a proud gender-fluid six year-old? Can you say: GLITTER!

Please enjoy!

See How He Sparkles: A Happy Acres Short

by Lex Chase

Genre: Contemporary TOTES ADORBS!

“Are you sure it’s no trouble?” Sevon’s daddy said to Ahimsa’s mommy.

Sevon plucked at the hem of his Dodgers jersey as he rested his small back against his daddy’s legs. He protected him from the cold as they stood on the front stoop of Ahimsa’s pretty house. Sevon liked Ahimsa’s pretty house. There were window boxes with colorful flowers in them and there were bushes blooming with azel—aza—aselleeyas? Pink flowers.

Sevon’s daddy was a trucker. But he didn’t drive Tonka trucks. He drove a real truck. Sevon was in it once. There was even a microwave in it! It was like that show on that boring channel where men like his daddy drove trucks over snow. Daddy liked that show. He made sure Sevon would like it too because one day Sevon would be an Eye-Arr-Tee like the men in the show. Sevon didn’t know what an Eye-Arr-Tee was but he was sure it meant something about trucks and snow and making bleeps with your mouth a lot.

Sevon sucked on his finger while he watched his daddy try to explain he’s an Eye-Arr-Tee and would be gone a long time. Ahimsa’s mommy smiled. She said what Sevon’s daddy does for a living is ‘Fassy-nay-ting’ and she smiled again. Sevon thought Ahimsa’s mommy must be a queen with such a white smile. If she was a queen then that meant the house was a castle. If the house was a castle than Ahimsa was a princess! Wow! Sevon knew a really real princess!

“His mom and I are kinda havin’ issues…” Sevon’s daddy said. “I have to get up to Yellowknife and his mom won’t be back in town until tomorrow evening… You sure you can take him? I know my boy can be a handful…”

Ahimsa’s mommy bent down to inspect Sevon. She smiled again and Sevon made a squeal of a giggle at the attention.

“This little thing?” she said sweetly. “He’s no bigger than a minute. I’m sure Ahimsa would love another playmate.” She nodded to his daddy, “I’ve got daycare duty for Babbette’s boy tonight too. You know. John. Now there’s a handful.”

Sevon’s daddy made a funny face. “Didn’t he try to light the class hamster on fire?”

“That would be the little sociopath in question,” Ahimsa’s mommy muttered under her breath then straightened. “Ahimsa invited Jack over earlier. His parents are busy with some kind of tribal function tonight.”

Sevon’s daddy looked confused. “They’re Native American?”

Sevon finally spoke up from the vicinity of his daddy’s knees, “Jack is Japanese, Daddy.”

“Jack is not a Japanese name, sport,” Sevon’s daddy corrected flatly and then turned his attention to Ahimsa’s mommy, “Well it’s good you’ve got the boys here. Sevon really needs to be around boys…I…” He hesitated, visually disturbed. “I caught him in his mom’s makeup a couple weeks ago…”

Ahimsa’s mommy said nothing at first and Sevon couldn’t imagine what she was thinking. She slowly smiled. But it was different. Like the pink and purple scary kitty in the scary cartoon where a little girl ate things and got bigger and smaller.

“Boys will be boys…” Ahimsa’s mommy said as if it meant something else. “Boys will be boys…” She shot out her hand to Sevon. “Come along pumpkin! Your daddy has to get on the road!”

Sevon nodded slowly and hooked his tiny fingers around her hand. He waved to his daddy as he stepped inside the house. “Buh-bye, Daddy, have fun on the Eye-Arr-Tee!”

Sevon watched his daddy get into his pickup truck and put his head in his hands. His daddy looked tired. He hoped his daddy would get some good sleep on the Eye-Arr-Tee.

“Right this way, sweetie…” Ahimsa’s mommy said as they stepped further into the pretty castle.

Sevon was positive he was in a castle because only a castle had curly stairs! Like in Sevon’s picture books! The stairs went around and around up to Rah-poon-zulz tower!

“Boys! Sevon’s here!” Ahimsa’s mommy called into the house.

Jack was the first to come bounding down the curly stairs, a happy bouncing ball of boy. “Sevi!” Jack crowed. “Sevi’s here! Sevi’s here!” He tackled Sevon in a hug and mashing his cheek against Sevon’s in greeting.

Sevon giggled and flailed at the tickles of Jack’s attentions. “You smell like chocolate milk.”

Jack tugged on Sevon’s Dodgers jersey in the direction of the curly stairs. “Come on. John ‘n Ahimsa are playing Little Big Planet. You can play too.”

Sevon looked questioningly to Ahimsa’s mommy. “Is it okay?”

Ahimsa’s mommy laughed. “Go on pumpkin. Ahimsa can show you how to play.”

“O-okay…” Sevon mumbled shyly and waddled up the curly stairs with Jack taking the lead.

Upon entering Ahimsa’s room Sevon thought he died and went to Princess Trixie’s Dream Castle.

The walls were pink. And purple. And there were unicorns. And flowers. And butterflies. There was even a princess canopy on the bed. A row of princess crowns on a shelf. Ahimsa was a real princess!

“Look out for the meanie,” John shouted while mashing buttons on the large Playstation controller.

Ahimsa and John huddled around a small Hello Kitty TV. They wiggled and squirmed as if trying to get their little men to move on the TV. Jack took a seat on the foot of the bed and kicked his feet, making himself bounce.

Ahimsa mashed a button and his little princess bounced on the monster’s head exploding in a puff of flame. “Got it,” he chirped as the little princess waddled in her skirts across the screen. “Get the costume.” He then acknowledged Sevon, “Jump in. It’s fun.” He turned back to the game, his puffy pigtails swishing.

Sevon nodded and sat carefully between the two boys. He tested the weight of the eleven button controller in his tiny hands and trying to figure out how to hold it. Sevon figured resting it on his lap was the best bet and mashing the buttons with his fingers.

Like a kee-boord that his mommy uses to talk to Mr. Bruce. Mr. Bruce is very nice. He has lots of money. He bought Sevon a baseball once with writing on it. Sevon didn’t want to be rude and tell Mr. Bruce he hates baseball.

Realization dawned on Sevon. “I don’t know how to play this game,” he said shyly.

John shot a look to Ahimsa and nodded once. “We can back out of the level and let him make a sackboy.”

Sevon looked between the two in confusion. “Sack…Boy?”

Ahimsa nodded and tapped a series of buttons. “Watch me,” he said with a smile.

Sevon listened intently as Ahimsa guided him through the world of tiny burlap people, how to make them move, how to make them have funny expressions, and how to dress them up. Like Trixie dolls. Sevon hesitantly navigated the screen at all the costume choices.

“Can I…make mine a princess?” Sevon mumbled while blushing. “Daddy won’t let me have princesses.”

Ahimsa dropped his controller like it was a scorching hot rock and stumbled back in shock. His My Little Pony slippers jingled with their internal bells.

No princesses?” Ahimsa clutched his chest like he couldn’t breathe. “There may be no such thing as Ponyland!”

Jack tilted his head at John to ask him a question and John slapped his forehead in answer.

“How do they always find you?” John asked the grownup question.

“John,” Ahimsa snapped. “Be nice.”

“Says the boy in Hello Kitty underpants.” John pointed and laughed.

“What’s wrong with Hello Kitty underpants?” Ahimsa growled and Sevon withered.

“I like Ahimsa’s underpants,” Jack chirped while bouncing on the bed. “Hello Kitty is happy to see me.”

Sevon blinked widely as he, John and Ahimsa gaped at Jack for clarification.

Jack flopped backwards onto the bed and puffed a big sigh. “Sevi’s daddy is mean. He takes Sevi an’ me to booooooring baseball games.” He pointed his index fingers to the ceiling and declared. “He wants Sevi to be a catcher!”

“Baseball’s lame.” John agreed flatly.

Ahimsa paused and got a strange dreamy look in his eye.

“Do you wanna be a real princess, Sevon?” Ahimsa asked sweetly already toddling to his dress-up closet.

Sevon clapped his hands and bounced on the balls of his feet. Ahimsa was going to let him wear one of his princess dresses. A princess letting him wear a princess dress! Sevon was truly blessed.

Ahimsa then produced the prettiest blue dress Sevon had ever seen. It sparkled! With real glitter! Not the kind that Jack tries to eat in art class! Like really expensive glitter!

Ahimsa offered the dress to Sevon. “Here. You’ll be Cinderella and I’ll be Sleeping Beauty.”

Sevon crushed the fine fabric to him. “And someone will wake you with a kiss?” he asked with a dreamy sigh.

“I like to kiss,” Jack chirped from the bed.

They all gaped at him.

“Ahimsa’s my boyfriend,” John sternly proclaimed.

“Wooooooow.” Sevon said, awestruck. “Really?”

Ahimsa nodded happily. “I’m going to be John’s bride one day.”

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooow!” Sevon screeched. “You’ll be a pretty bride!”

Ahimsa giggled and shooed John and Jack to the door. “Now you need to get going while I work my magic.” He dramatically put a hand to his chest. “I never reveal my secrets.”

John rolled his eyes and tugged on Jack’s hand. “C’mon Jacko. Let’s get juice boxes in the kitchen. I think the cupcakes are done too.”

“Cupcakes!” Jack squealed and dashed down the stairs dragging John behind him.


In the time, it took Jack to inhale three juice boxes and four cupcakes to get appropriately sugar buzzed, Princesses Ahimsa and Sevon greeted their subjects.

Jack and John cheered from the base of the steps as Ahimsa slipped down the curly stairs in his pink sparkly gown and My Little Pony slippers. His gold crown bobbed on his pigtails but he caught it quickly. Sevon followed, taking a deep breath and looking down over the balcony. Jack and John clapped and cheered even louder!

“Come on Cinderella!” Ahimsa called from the base of the steps.

Sevon nodded. With socked feet, he carefully waddled down the curly stairs in the big poofy blue skirt. His princess hat was securely fastened with the elastic under his chin. Once Sevon reached the base of the steps, Jack immediately got on bended knee. Ahimsa squealed his delight.

“He’s going to ask to marry you!” Ahimsa bounced on his toes.

Sevon wordlessly watched Jack, then John, then Ahimsa, and then back to Jack. He blushed deeply and offered his gloved fingers.

Jack took the hand and turned the palm up. “Can I give you a kiss?”

Ahimsa gasped. “Do it! Do it!”

Sevon nodded quickly, his princess hat wobbling on his head.

Jack placed a pink cupcake on Sevon’s tiny palm. “A kiss,” he said. “I like kisses.”

Sevon cradled the confection delicately. “I like kisses from you, Jack.”

“Having a princess party without me?” Ahimsa’s mommy asked as she walked in from the living room. She smiled to Ahimsa with an expression Sevon didn’t understand.

“Don’t tell my daddy!” Sevon squealed in horror. “He move me to Ally-Ask-Kuh and away from pretty dresses and princesses and castles and my friends!” Sevon collapsed onto his fanny and cried. “Don’t tell my daddy. Don’t tell! Please!”

Ahimsa’s mommy cooed and set Sevon back on his feet. “Now, now pumpkin you’re going to ruin your pretty dress…”

Sevon wiped his nose on the back of his hand and was confused. Why was Ahimsa’s mommy being nice? She was a queen. All queens are nice. Except the one in the scary cartoon. That one was mean, but Ahimsa’s mommy was nice.

“Y-y-you’re not going to tell my daddy?” Sevon whimpered.

“Wouldn’t dream of it. You should be allowed to express yourself how you please I always say. If Ahimsa wants to wear dresses and have pink cupcakes I let him. He’s strong enough to take care of himself,” Ahimsa’s mommy said with a bright smile.

Sevon sighed in relief. “You’re a really nice queen.”

Ahimsa’s mommy laughed. “And you’re a really pretty princess.” She turned to the other three boys and put her hands on her hips. “Now who wants popcorn and a movie?”


Copyright © 2015 Lex Chase. All Rights Reserved.

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